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Talk about a score!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aaronxlv, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Okay so my sister and I are both still living at home, I just graduated this year, and she is a sophomore in college. Long story short we had an agreement to keep each others smoking secretive from our parents, well we never smoked together or anything like that. Anywho one night she decided to act like she didn't smoke anymore and sold me out. Well my parents know I smoke now, and since its their house.. it's their rules ya know? and I don't want my parents to know I smoke anyways.. Well they went out to go get some rocks for the entry way to my house, and I was going to smoke a bowl, so i grabbed my loaded one-hitter and a lighter. I'm still just in boxers and a tee, so i really have nothing to casually hold it. Anyways I was headed outside and she was like what's that lighter for? and what's that in your hand? I didn't say anything and walked back in my room and hid my stash. Well I hear her talking to my younger brother calling me a fuck-up and all of this nonsense, which really pissed me off... I ignored it. After taking my laptop to go chill in the lving room she goes back to her room and comes back out. I decide to get the fuck away from her so I head to my room only to find that my one-hitter and my lighter which I just stashed on my self were missing... So I go in her room and I took a quick look around... Well to my suprise I found my one-hitter laying in her purse, i couldn't find the lighter though. I'm about to just grab the dugout and leave whenever I notice she's got a fucking nice thick glass spoon and some primo ganja inside of an empty lip gloss container. :]]]] So I took those too, and half way out of the door I thought wow.. maybe I shouldn't stoop to her level, but then i figured since she denies smoking to me, and my parents... what is she gonna do? Ohhh... mommy, he stole my weed and my pipe! haha?

    So question... Do I be the nice brother, and not stoop to her level and give her her shit back, or should I play the dumb card and keep the weed for myself, knowing she cant contradict herself after making me out to be a huge pothead, whenever she smokes more in a day than I do over the whole summer?

    I probably wouldn't be in this situation if she didn't go as far as to call me a fuck up, and a stupid worthless pothead right after she caught me.

    Edit: Pics on second page :]] (they don't do very good justice to the bud though. It was too fucking potent to get a good pic before it started to stink up my room lol :p) Smells delicious.
  2. Keep the weed man

    then later just laugh in her face be like , "Missing Somethin'?"
  3. she sounds like a bitch, man. just keep the weed. theres really nothin she can do about it, unless she wants to start a fight with you about it.

    was it dank? :smoke:

  4. definitely keep the weed, and give the bowl back after using it a ton.but back it with salvia when you give it back to her, that'll teach her!
  5. yah man keep that deserve that i think.what did you do to her to make her mad enough to snitch you out?

  6. Nada bro. Even now I'm questioning if I should smoke it or not. I mean I'm a really modest guy, and even though she's taken my shit before and broken a promise that was made out to be unconditional... `I just feel a bit fucked up.

    and fuck yeah it was!!!! I've been smoking mids almost ALL summer! It's deff some dank indica. Later on I'll take some pics of the pipe and the weed. I opened it up for a sec and my room smelled dankey as fuck so I haven't really messed with it much.

    but yeah she is a TOTAL queen bitch. I just try to be nice, but she only accepts my niceness whenever something is coming her way, ya digg? like she'll return the kindness if shes getting something from you.
  7. dude get her to admit that shes a hypocritical liar and if she doesn't then you deserve that ganja and spoon

    either way, blaze up first :smoke:
  8. hit it up and blow the smoke in her face
  9. Walk up to your sister and ask her to politely admit she's a spineless, lying, untrustworthy and hypocritical person for doing what she did. If she admits it, give her the weed back and let her smoke it in a pool of guilt. If she argues and doesn't comply, go have yourself a dank smoke sesh. You deserve it.
  10. dude you can do what you want but i bet your life would be better if you walked right up to her and looked her in the eyes and handed her stuff back to her and say "i found my one hitter in your purse, and you know what, i don't care. i just thought we were closer than that."
    if your sister if your friend maybe she can get you the dank hook up to, dude.

    one love
  11. Right on.:cool:
  12. I agree. Completely.
  13. Damn, I read the whole story thinking you were talkin gabout stealing your moms shit...I thought you meant your parents went out to get the rocks and got back and caught u w. the one hitter then for the rest of the story i thought your mom was calling you a fuck up and you found her stash. GOod story nonetheless, I'm just fucking baked.

  14. Yeah, that seems like a good idea, until you see how my sister is to me. She spends her days trying to find ANY imperfection I have, and then she uses it to eat away at me for her own enjoyment.

    I think I'm just going to say fuck her, and see how good this bud goes down in my new piece. :)

    I'll get some pics up asap. :] actually I'll go work on it now. Nothing too special, but definitely a pretty good score. :D

    Trying to think of something to dedicate the first hit to.

    hahaha?? this is random but my dad was in the living room dancing and my mom was like "haha I got daddy stoned" and I was like WTF?!?! and she told me she gave him a few muscle relaxers for his back. For a sec I was about to run to my room and roll a fatass blunt and bust it out. xD
  15. She sounds really un-chill man?!?!?

    And she smokes bud?

    Better check for other shit in there man..
  16. sounds like you should be searching your house for the valium.

  17. Yeah, she's chill to everyone except for her siblings :/ I've noticed that she's always been nice to my girlfriends, or friends that were girls.. But around my friends that are guys (mostly all really nice people too) she acts like a bitch!

    And I took a little look around in her purse. (the spoon and the weed were in an alice and wonderland penny purse haha?) All I saw in there were those fucking natural cigarettes or w/e the ones with the Indian figure on the front i believe (the yellow package)
    Didn't find any Meth or anything... hmmmm... maybe she keeps it deep in her anal cavities, alnog with god knows what else. :rolleyes:

    She knows her shit is gone, I can tell. She went in her room earlier, and hasn't left at all, she probably figures that either my mom or I had found the stash. :p I'm just waiting to see if she'll work up the balls to ask me about it. She probably wont because she's got too much pride to admit that she's two-faced. I hope my yellow bic was worth her weed and her spoon. :]

    EDIT: According to my brother she was in my room the other day and took a pill bottle. God I wondered where my fucking Lortabs went. :/
  18. sounds pretty immature of her considering her age, fuck it man smoke a bowl.

  19. *IDEA*

    Get a bunch of laxatives that don't have any distinct markings on them and stick them in another one of those pill bottles, and leave it out in the open in your room...

  20. I'm with darth on this.. Smokin her stash is great and all specially if it is some dank shit. But hell man, try and create some peace between ya, if it works out you might get a hook up with some serious fire! If it doesn't... Well at least roll yourself a spliff before givin her back the rest... Insurance :p .... might as well load your one hitter too, and rip it to hell out of her spoon as well :smoking: holders fee.

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