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Taking yoga high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by shivermetimbers, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I need to quit being a lazy fuck and do some form of workout. But I hate working out, running and all that. But I was thinking of taking a yoga class, but I feel like I might enjoy it more if I go stoned. Anyone do yoga after smoking?
  2. I have meditated in the past while i was stoned (in an actual class setting) and it was pretty amazing. Yoga is decent when ur high, but for me Yoga is a little too boring. I know u stated that ur lazy and don't want to workout, but honestly, I used to swim about 50 laps a day and would light a bowl before swimming and it would help me get in a rhythm and i was able to swim a lot longer. Also, when I would get out of the pool I would feel way higher because of not only being high from the weed but also an incredible endorphin rush that feels similar to a low opiate dose.
  3. I love swimming laps, and when I lived in Houston that was the only form of workout I did. But where I live, we don't have lap pools in our gyms. And the only lap pools cost a shit ton for a membership, or else I'd totally agree, swimming is the greatest workout, never swam laps high though, hope to try that one day.

  4. damn, I guess u can try yoga then. Honestly, I don't enjoy Yoga very much, many people I know love it but I get bored a little too easily.
  5. Yeah I've tried yoga at home and it's alright, so I'm hoping to try it in a class setting and see if I like it more that way
  6. Any update shivers?
  7. You'll blow ass, for real.

    Also, you do know that yoga is more relaxation/ might improve muscle tone slightly but beyond that it's not really comparable to any kind of "workout".
    Personally I'd suggest just getting on a crosstrainer for the duration of a podcast or two on your mp3 player - really gets your cardio up with minimal effort.
    Perhaps that AND a yoga class might be an idea for a light regimen.
  8. I really like yoga when I'm sober. I'm flexible and it makes me feel strong without breaking too much of a sweat.
    But when I've taken classes stoned, I'll be honest-- they bored me to tears.
    There is just not enough happening.
    The only part I enjoyed was the "end of class meditation" because I took a quick nap.
  9. I have done hot yoga a couple times and that is a work out. I am going to start doing yoga 1 time a week when I move, cant wait.
  10. Ok, let me rephrase.
    It's not a cardiovascular workout.
  11. Jogging works if you're looking to lose weight, it's very vigorous which is why you lose weight from it and you can bring along a music player on your jog. It's also a lot easier then it looks, pace yourself don't try to run as fast as you can.
    Yes, Meditating is amazing in clearing the mind as well.
  12. I like to do yoga in the morning,kinda energizes me for the day,I don't smoke until after though.

    If jogging seems too daunting,just start off with going for a walk a few days a week,increase the speed and distance as your endurance builds.

    Even a little activity is better than none at all.
  13. I know somebody who is a good friend and is well versed in yoga. He actually does some teaching, but it was cool because I went with him and my brother to the gym when they weren't holding yoga classes and he gave us a private session to learn the ropes and just do basics.

    It was awesome and chiefing before made me really appreciate the subtle feelings that the stretches were giving. It might be different for different people if you are high in a class, because I was comfortable being high around these people.

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