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taking without asking/venting

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Duhkatt, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. So lets pretend you go to Las Vegas for the weekend. You take what weed you think you will smoke and leave the rest in your room at home. You come back and then your roommate proceeds to tell you "I smoked some of your weed (really good weed, not a often occurance in AZ) but I'll replace it with the same stuff". Now I'm not too mad but still... I could have hidden the "hidasafe" it but I never imagined he would do that since were good friends. P.S. I think he should have called my cell or went out and bought some of his own to smoke.
  2. i think your over reacting a little bit... everything should be cool if he's gonna replace it... and by the sounds of it.. u didnt even notice he smoked from your baggy.. and he told u that he did... that just tells me he's honest
  3. I agree with Mr.X. Perhaps if you got home and your stash is decidedly dwindled and when asked he denies everything... That would be shady. But as long as it is replaced and he straight up said "I smoked some of your weed" That is very valiant. Weed is a timely thing anyway. By the time he woulda had to track down a sack, he could have already been stoned off your stash. If you need to smoke and can handle the repercussions, do what you can. There will always be more weed. Your roommate sounds like he has good integrity, I wouldn't be too worried. Personally, I have never raided someone else's stash. Mine has been raided before, but it usually doesn't bother me, there will always be more. And like I say, what goes around comes around. Thanks.


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