Taking Weed On The Plane... Im an Idiot

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    This isn't as good as harold and kumar (well better cause my plan worked lol) Well I took a plane ride across some provinces, inside Canada. I wanted to bring some bud with me cause where were going I dont know anyone and theres no bud, but of course I was afraid they'd check my bags and stuff. So what I did was cut a bar of soap in half, hollow out the bar of soap, I shoved a couple grams in there , put both hollowed out halves back together and ran some warm water and smoothed them together with my hands. Let that shit dry for 10 mins and it looked like a regular bar of soap.

    Now I'm chillin out sippin on some cocacola, the bud smelled like lavender but was completely dry when i opened up the soap. blazin up fat now and couldn't have a worry in the world right now, so happy my plan worked. :)

    happy tokin blades, and I wouldnt suggest this cause you could get caught.

    :smoke: what i do for mary jane
  2. thats actually a cool ass idea bro!! man i swear weed makes you smarter!
  3. thanks haha, I get creative with ways to bring weed with me.. I fiend for it
  4. Wow good idea bro
  5. i have my ways of hiding too, this by far exceeds mine but i dont give mine out cause i dont want anyone to use them and the cops to find out about them and all that. as long as nobody got caught with my methods itd be fine but we all know those dogs are brainwashed by cops.
  6. Yeah, the reason I say DONT do this is because Im pretty sure a dog could smell the weed through a bar of soap, just I must have gotten lucky i didnt see any dogs
  7. they could smell it. but if the cops cant find it ;).
  8. I was thinking the same thing but with a salami or something the dogs will bark but tsa will think it's meat
  9. id better be dry than be in jail
  10. Correction
    Id Rather be dry than be in jail. :smoke:
  11. Ive actually always wondered if that would work never heard anyone else bring it up Id Rep you if i could give out anymore Rep.
  12. [quote name='"trazyfilth"']

    Ive actually always wondered if that would work never heard anyone else bring it up Id Rep you if i could give out anymore Rep.[/quote]

    I used to train drug sniffling dogs for an airport security company. They are trained not to bark at meat, and drugs only. ONLY on command, they won't bark randomly if they smell pot, only if commanded by their handler. Once the dog gives the signal, the airport has every right to tear through your stuff, but usually the dog can identify the EXACT location
  13. Not sure how security at airports is like in Canada but here in the states your baggage is x rayed. In which case I'm pretty sure they would b able to see that hollowed out bar of soap with weed in it. Did u have the soap on u or in ur bags?
  14. Oh wait just realized who the op was... Don't think I've found any of ur numerous threads all that believable...
  15. Wow I really need to stop opening these threads haha, I'm moving back to the states from Holland soon and I kind of want to do this but its really not worth it at all on an international flight.. wouldn't they stick you with international drugs trafficking..?

    Federal prison ain't nuttin ta fuck wit.. so fuck that.
  16. ^ yeah I would absolutely not risk it. Especially on an international flight coming into the states with a fucking hollowed out bar of soap filled with weed. You'll almost surely get caught.

  17. I came back to Detroit from Cancun and reeked, the dogs tagged me and I got searched.. The way their was alright tho
  18. Wow, that's pretty fckin sick. I would have have caved in before they had any suspicions.

  19. See, dude no fucking way am I risking that shit..

    I just hope I don't forget to check all my shit to make sure nothings left over like a grinder or a bag of weed haha that would be crazy if I got through and didn't know I had it and unpacked my shit to discover a bag of dutch bud :D
  20. [​IMG]

    This is why I don't try to pull some Harold and Kumar shit.

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