Taking Weed On A Plane?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankNugz420, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. at the airports do they have drug dogs? also, someone else told me they have these new machines now where they randomly select people and you like step into this box and it blows air on you and they can tell if you have anything on you??!?

    can anyone put any truth to this?
  2. Yeah those exist, theres one in Philly international.
  3. fuck are you serious?!?! so what if i like put an 1/8 into a baggie then like clean the outside of the baggie, then bag it again, clean that bag, then one more bag and clean the outside of it to?

    would that work?
  4. They are more to catch you if you just smoked and are trying to get on the plane high than to catch you with bud.
  5. when you get your boarding pass lokk at it if it as an S stamped on it you are going into the selective search thing which blows air on you. almost all airports have them now but i heard from my friend whose dad is a TSA( airport security) that it is for explosives not drugs. I heard if you put the bud in a peanut butter jar with peanut butter in it that it will cover it up when x rayed
  6. They only have those machines at a few of the bigger airports in the country right now. And I dont think they are to catch people that are just high because if you dont have anything on you they cant do shit.

    Anyway, I think the best bet would be to triple bag it like you said, and clean the outside of the bags with rubbing alcohol, and hen tape it to the inside of your zipper on your pants. Thats what Ive done numerous times and have never been caught. But Ive also never been through one of those machines, I just heard about them because my brother had to go through one.

    Im pretty sure I read in the newspaper tha they can detect like.. gunpowder, a bunch of other types of explosives, AND many different types of drugs.
  7. you could put it in a condom, swallow it, and poop it out when you get to where ever, steve-o did it haha international drug smuggler haha
  8. A) Use the Search

    B) Think about this - is it worth it? getting caught vs. getting away?

    C) Use the mail, it\'s risky but if you do it right, you can\'t be charged.
  9. i would use the mail but heres whats going on...

    i live in texas, im flying to hawaii where we\'ll be cruiseing for a week. so i would have no where to mail it to... thats why i figure id have to bring it with me. and i dont feel very safe putting it in my baggage.
  10. ya i would keep it on myself rather then in baggage because they scan and open up your bags a lot more then they search people. i would say take hash for two reasons. 1. its alot less stinky then weed and 2. it is alot smaller and easier to hide. from my expierences in airport it would be very easy to get small amounts through. i almost did it when i went to hawaii this year but decided not to because i hadnt been to an airport for awhile so didnt know if they had changed there procedures around. let me know if it works out and what u end up putting it in.
  11. Rent a P.O. Box in hawaii, mail it so it\'s there the day before. Pick it up once you get off your flight.
  12. well i plan on keeping my new pipe sweeky clean so it can be in my checked baggage (\"tabacco\" pipe) haha

    but i just thought of another idea... this might sound kinda weird but i think this would work...

    what if i triple bagged an 1/8 or a half and my girlfriend whos coming with me put it... in her. if you get what im saying. theres no way they could pat her down and find it then...
  13. do u no how much weed they have in hawaii
    when u get there just stand on the corner and say ganga
    ulll have weed within 15 mins lol
    yea thats just an estimate im not rly sure aout that
    but im sure u can pick up there
  14. hmmm... that still sounds sketchy. ive never been one to really trust the mail service. and doesnt UPS/fedex check packages with x-ray etc?
  15. yea the condom poop thing always works. swallow the weed filled condom, and it\'ll be in perfect shape right when u want it
  16. Lol. Good ole Steve-O
  17. he doesnt need to swallow a condom full of weed to get it through. just bag the fuck out of it and tape it to your groin area. u could try the punweed idea but i dont think u even need to do that.
  18. The only way i have heard of it being done is taping it to your penis.
  19. The way I have been thinkin about doin it is to use the PB idea, or to use a pringles can and put some chips on top of it and super glue the foil back on. That way they will be like \"Well its not even open so its cool.\" Although I have never been on a plane so I have no idea.
  20. From what I\'ve heard, you should never try to get weed onto a plane. Alot of airports have increased security and the risk isn\'t worth it. Its easy to get caught.

    My friend just went to Hawii last year with his girlfriend and her parents and he said it is really easy to find bud there
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