Taking weed from dad?

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  1. so I am pretty sick of wasting all my money on weed. My dad Has been growing medicinal for the last few years to help with financial stuff. I am 100% certain that he doesn't smoke it and I know he is really against the idea of smoking.. He just needs the money does it all legally blah blah blah. But I recently find out where he keeps the good bud before he distributes it to the old lady's he sells it to. Last time I checked he had 3 bags of 10ozs. I feel like since he has so much that he wouldn't notice if I took a few grams every now and then. But if he notices and figured out its me I am beyond fucked... So I just need to know if growers notice if even the littlest bit goes missing or if they don't
  2. Well if you know what they weigh then your dad probably does to, so even if you take a gram out of each bag it's gonna weigh less and if he does this professionally then he probably knows some is missing and who's he gonna suspect... I'm just saying doing that's gonna end his ignorance to your drug use

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  3. That's a weird story

    Yeah he probably won't notice but that's kinda messed up.

    See iff he'll sell you you for cheap?

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  4. Don't steal another man's hard work. That is all.
  5. Dont be a piece of shit. I've stolen packs of cigaretteasfrom my dad and ill always remember that feeling. What kind of scum bag steals from their family? Scum bags, thats who. And i'd hope its on your conscience or your kind of a sociopqth scum bag.

  6. Graduate from high school newb, get a job
  7. Does not compute.

    If he thinks smoking is bad for you why is he poisoning old lady's for money?
  8. Smh at OP. it takes a low man to steal bud from someone let alone your own dad
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    Do not steal you dads stuff depending on what regulations he may have to adhere to. You could cause him a ton of legal problems by doing that. People that grow legally a caregiver to distribute to a patient the old lady in this case may have to account for that weed to a higher power. Harvest reporting yields disposal of unusable crop so on if some goes missing that higher power will come down on the grower hard. In this case your dad thats if he is growing for a patient. So in short he will notice but by that time it will be too late for him. You would be the least of his worries shortly after & in trouble with more than just your dad.
  10. if its sais 10oz on the bags the don't do it. he'll obviously re weigh it in the future but if you were to take a single gram from each bag and re seal it properly then he would just think that the scales wasn't entirely accurate.
    if hes illegally drug dealing then take a bit IMO  haha it doesn't make you a scum bag to steal from a dealer unless legit
     but rewmember this, if he's dealing to support YOU then your stealing from yourself as much as your stealing from him!!
  11. He'll probably notice, even if not at first. And it's a dick move either way. You wouldn't like somebody stealing your bud, right?

    Maybe your old man could spare you a few grams if you asked? Or at least cut you a deal :smoking:
  12. Seriously, I would beat your ass if I was your dad and found out. Be ready for that ass whooping boy
  13. If it was just a joint or something I don't think he would notice. But if you're taking a few grams at a time then it will probably be noticeable. If your sick of spending all your money on weed then make more money. Or smoke less weed. Or, even better. Grow your own plants then you won't have to steal from your own dad. Good luck bro.
  14. I hope he takes a belt to yo' ass... then gets high.
  15. Why would he be against smoking but sell to the old ladies?
  16. Grow up, kid. That's your money too. Don't take it.
  17. I hope you do steal his weed and I hope he finds out that it's you so you can learn a lesson not to steal from your parents. If you were my kid and I caught you stealing my shit you'd never see the light of day again.
  18. You dont even sound desperate or anything, "sick of wasting money on weed" so you'd rather steal from your dad's hard work. Don't steal because youre fucking lazy, just smack yourself ffs.

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