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Taking walks while on the ganja

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sabrina88, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. #1 Sabrina88, Jan 18, 2014
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    Do you guys ever take a long walk when you are on the herb?
    I smoke alone these days, and I've watched my fair share of movies, and played enough games. Now I want to try something new. I love walking in general, I'm just scared I'll get paranoid of other people.
    Edit: Maybe this is the wrong section of the forum, if it is I apologize. 

  2. Ever seen the back of a twenty dollar bill, man?

    Ever seen it..

    ..on weed?!

  3. I really enjoy walking around in the summer time while smoking a fat blunt. keeps me from staying at home like you said lol.
  4. I always go for walks just wrap up warm its enjoyable. Put some headphones in you'll be walking around bobbing your head happily for hours :smoke:
    All the time, it's really peaceful.
  6. i used to do this a lot and it's great. bring some dope tunes on an mp3 playr and you're good to go.  
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    imo it helps you concentrate on your thoughts, and idk why but its pretty cool/entertaining.  Go on a walk and hit up a few good views, and just admire them for a little while. They're amazing lol. The way i was brought up was walking around and smoking so i'm used to it, but I have to say that it does feel awfully lonely when you're alone, but not as lonely as when you're sober lol
    Doing it with friends, well it can be cool, but if they start getting sketch/paranoid its so annoying to be with them. 
    It's settled then, I shall go for a long walk now. 
    Thanks a bunch :D
  9. @[member="Sabrina88"] so how was the walk ?
  10. My favorite thing to do high is go for a long walk late at night
  11. I always do this when I don't feel like being inside when I smoke or whatnot. It's pretty chill. Me and a friend or a group will roll one up, leave go smoke it at our spot down the street, chill a lil then take a fun ass walk down the ave laughing and talkin shit to go get food haha. I love taking walks high especially when there's a bunch of us. I live in SoCal on a hill basically that overlooks the rest of the city so when I walk down the Main Street I can see the all city and the mountains so it's pretty peaceful for me. I'd definitely try it. Just don't smoke way TOO much if you do. I couldn't find my street and apparently passed it 5 times looking lmao.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. Got a mountain bike? I love biking on trails.
  13. Walks are great when smoking, but what I would really recommend is a nature walk. The pure bliss you experience when alone in a park, stoned, is unrivaled.

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