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Taking shrooms and hydrocodone

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Diceman, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Good idea or bad?

    Well I'm gettin 2 doses (g's) of shrooms in a little bit. I've been takin hydros all day and figured I would wanna take some after the shrooms kicked in.

    Anyone know what that feels like? I was thinkin about 20-30mg of hydro.

    I was even thinkin about just takin 1g of shrooms and savin the other for tomorrow morning but I doubt I'll do that.
  2. i ate a slice of mush after eating like 4 hydros and it made me puke. Mush is hard enough to eat without mad tylonol in your stomac and shit also

  3. Yea that could be a good reason. I've never had problems eating shrooms (I like the flavor)

    but with taking the hydros all day, my stomache may be a little more sensetive.

    Dudes here now so I'm takin the shrooms soon.
  4. i used to always save my benzos/opiates for the comedown:wave:
  5. Yeah man, save those hydros for later
  6. Just took em 15 minutes ago.

    Yea yall make a good point. I know I'll want them for the comedown and I only have 30mg left and about a nick of shwag :smoking:

    Plus I took 25mg 2 hours ago so I'm sure I still got some of the effects

    How you been lukas?
  7. Been alright man. Still just doin my thang, trying to find my place in the world :p

    Wife had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago or so, so that was a huge blow. It's all good though, another opportunity will arise to have a kid...not trying to rush it now.

    How you been? I ain't seen you around for a minute man

  8. I'm sorry to hear that man, I hope she's alright.

    To the OP: Personally I like the combination of psychedelics and opiates, though the only combination I've ever had is acid and oxy, which was really nice. I got the euphoria and body feelings of the oxy without the sleepiness, taking it during the comedown also made the transition back to reality easier, since in the one instance I had stayed up essentially all night (took a 2 hour nap) and doing some oxy the next afternoon made the comedown a lot smoother, since I was coming down while I was awake instead of asleep.
  9. #9 Diceman, Aug 24, 2009
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    That sucks to hear but you seem to be stayin possitive. Everything happens for a reason.

    I've been pretty good lately. Laptop broke so I had to use friends computers for awhile. Just got a new laptop though so alls good.

    Got a little baby ball python a couple months ago, been nice havin a snake in the house again.

    Man these shrooms are kicked in. typings so hard lol gotta fix like every other word. except this sentence...figures

    Majorstoner: Man now I wanna take them but wanting/needing them for the comedown is still the choice
  10. Thanks man, and yeah, she's good. We both had a pretty intense ayahuasca experience that helped us both work through some of the pain, so we're in a good spot right now

    Yep, everything does happen for a reason. Maybe right now just isn't the best time to bring a kid into the world for us, and I'm ok with that. I'm glad you've been doing well though man, that baby ball python sounds sick!

    Enjoy the boomers man!
  11. Will do bro!

    Well I found 5 extra hydros (the 5mg ones). Took them 15mins ago. already feelin even better

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