Taking Plants out for natural light?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Keep It Green, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hey all i was just wondering if during the day should i let my plants get some natural light like putting them outside until its about sunset then moving them back into the cfl light? would it shock the plant or would it help it grow faster? :confused:
  2. My bro lives in humbolt and has his little farm going and what not, and he tells me all the to throw it outside when ever you can he told me ill grow a christmas tree if I do...he said in the begining put it in a little shade and slowly work it to direct sunlight cause it could possibily get sunburn.
  3. o really? dang imma start that tomorrow! haha thanks for the advice. anyone else got some tips?
  4. I would just keep it under your cfl to avoid stressing it out
  5. How old are the plants? If not seedlings, a few hours of direct sunlight could only benefit them. Just make sure you have control of the environment and make sure no bugs can make their way into your pots. For example keep the pots on concrete rather than dirt when outside.
  6. Your plants will love full-on direct sun without a shade period. Just watch out for a breeze.
  7. i regularly take my baby out during the day for some good old natural light and she loves it
  8. thanks for all the replys i was guessing it would benift it too!
  9. Yea man let me know how that works...no light can be as strong as the sun then adding your normal light will make it bad ass

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