Taking plants on outdoor field trips?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jinks, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. First - My apologies if there is another thread discussing this. To be honest, I've found the search functionality not to be so great anymore - there is so much in the results to weed :D through that doesn't even pertain to my search. If anyone can tell how to make more useful searches - that would be very welcome.

    That said....

    I've got a small indoor space to grow in - however, it isn't easy to put a lot of lights in there - I'd like to have more. So what I've been doing is taking them outside for some nice warm sunlight as much as I can each day.

    Logic tells me this would be beneficial for the babies. Is there anything I should be weary of - anyone else take their babes on outdoor field trips and have anything to share? BTW - there is no worry of them being seen and I don't do it when I'm not home.

  2. I've heard anecdotal references to changing the spectrum of light throughout the day can increase your odds of going hermie. But, I don't know, it's never happened to me.
  3. Anyone else confirm this?

    Does it stress the plant? Is that what may cause hermies?
  4. I think if you move it alot to bring it outside, it MIGHT stress them..not too sure
  5. I take my plant outside if its warm like 70 or above. If its not but its sunny, I put it on the floor by a window to get some sun. It seems like its not hurting it, I think it acutally likes the couple of hours of sun light it gets..
  6. Have no worrys before i moved I did the same thing two summers in a row...
    When ever my wife or I was home we would move them outside than back in at night back under the lights.
    also had to do this to flower because i live in the city and there was way to much light at night from street/porch lights etc. Never out of the 10 total plants not one suffered or went hermi.. So I say do they will love it..
  7. I don't think you will produce a hermie just by giving it some good ol' fashioned natural light, unless you put it into 12/12 before it preflowers- that will give you a hermie for sure.

    My only concern with taking it on outdoor field trips is insects, which you then bring into your house.
  8. I worred about that to but never had any more than a few ants and moth type critters... I guess i was lucky but even if you dont take them outside you always run the risk of carring mite and other bugs in on you hands and clothes... :smoke:
  9. I have a fly problem regardless, so I doubt taking them out will hurt them.

    When I was a cubicle dweller for a living, I know I felt happy and rejuvinated going outside and getting sun! It It was better than being in a box with flouro lights overhead! lol

    I'll continue taking them out as much as I can. :cool:
  10. Yes. Take them outside. They will love it. However, the most important thing is that it is around the same general temperature inside as it is outside. If the temperatures are too drastically different, they can get temperature stressed. Also, the bug thing is legitimate. They can get bugs from going outside. I recently took one of my house ficus's outside and left it there for like 2 days. I don't know where they came from outside but, I had these centipede things crawling all over the soil after that.
  11. Imagine you bring in Spider mites, bring the plant back into your grow room- bye bye MJ =( probably ravage all your house plants too.

    I think it's best to leave the plant where you start it.

  12. Yes.
    This is true too. I think if his plant is not getting enough light that is more of a risk right now than potential pests but good point.
  13. Lol... I took one of my little plants outside, it was maybe 2 weeks old....

    left it out till it started to not be light out, and brought it back in..... it was literally covered with these fucking little tiny flying grasshopper things.... so i knocked em all off (literally had to flick the little things off, they covered every bit of green)... and, then when i was just about to put her back under the lights, i noticed tiny little white mites crawling in the soil..... so, i just tossed her....

    I wouldnt advise taking them out, simply because of this problem... sucks, but its not worth it imo.

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