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  1. Hey guys, How do you take those nice beautiful clear pictures of your plants during flower with/without the HPS light. What camera settings do you use? Do you have the lights on and use flash? or Lights off and use flash? Macro?

    I understand different cameras have different settings, but i'm talking about in general, for most point and shoot cameras.

    I have some decent macros of seedlings in my journal. but I want to get an idea of how some people have done things like this:


    Macro, obviously. but how is it so clear with the flash on? If you're too close and use flash I think it would just white out everything. zoomed in a bit from afar?

    This last one I'm thinking was no flash, probably on a tripod set to a setting like nighttime portrait or something like that.

    So yeah, anyone with experience please chime in if you see this.
  2. More pics! :smoke:
  3. i found it was just trial and error for me
    took me ages to get to the point when i could get half decent pics

    first of all you need a good camera!

    for me its all about the lighting aswell and i get the best shots in my bathroom when im watering not under the hps.
    im sure if you was a camera whizz you could change some settings but i dont know about that. taking pics near a window with natural daylight shining in is the absolute best if you can arrange it.

    hope you get it sorted
  4. I take the best pics away from hps (obviouslly) and in darkness. The flash really brings the colors of the buds to life.
  5. Its called Super Macro
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, yes I think most of the nice pics I see are taken with flash when they are not under HPS. Would using flash during the dark period mess with the photoperiod of the plant? I'm guessing not much because I see all kinds of journals doing it :/

    And the pictures I posted were taken from another journal on another site, he stated that he used an 8mega pixel canon point and shoot. So no "super macro" or special lens or anything. They look damn good to me. I'm using a Canon G10, 14megapixel.
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    I've had a couple Cannon Powershots and here are some things that will get you those shots: Image Size: Largest. Mode: Manual. White Balance: Custom (this one does some unique stuff) Color: Custom. Exposure compensation: -.75. Zooming beyond 4.0X magnification tends to lose a little crispness.

    Here's a scenario you could try and start with:

    Take your shots 15 minutes before lights on or right at lights out. Get a small piece of white paper or cloth ready for white balancing (nothing reflective). You don't have to shoot in the dark but you shouldn't have any HPS lights shining on the plants, normal fluorescent or incandescent room lighting is fine. Make sure flash is set to on.

    Mode: Manual

    ISO: 200

    Color: Saturation and Contrast all the way up. Colors are optional, try raising one color at a time to find the one you like. Greens and blues are obvious but Red and skin tone can be nice sometimes too.
    White Balance

    White Balance: From about 2.5' away zoom in about 3.0X and frame the bud you want to shoot. Get it in focus and then navigate to White Balancing. Place the paper or cloth next to the bud and capture the white balance from the distance you're going to take the shot, and capture. (keep exposure compensation from 0 to +.75)

    Exposure Compensation: Range from 0 to -.75. (white balance with + setting, but take actual pictures with a - setting)

    You're ready to shoot! Take a bunch of shots and tweak your settings in increments... Change color settings... exposure compensation etc... and take another group of shots. After doing this over and over you'll start to find the shots you're looking for.

    Good Luck!
  8. Good info fugit. I have a Nikon D5000 and I'm still taking all my shots on AUTO. It takes pretty damn good shots on auto, but I know it can do better with some manual adjustments.
  9. I get the best pics of buds with a dark background and flash on. It makes the white crystals really stand out and the buds naturally show more in the pics. I've gone in the tool shed and closed the door to take pics in the dark. Most of my best pics are already posted strain reports and my grow journal, but here is one. There are some better ones in this link. http://forum.grasscity.com/smoke-reports/861163-c99-strain-review-w-pics.html#post11464768

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    Dayum Fugit, thanks for that nice batch of info. My camera (the G10) is a high grade point and shoot with many adjustable options, but I don't think it has the color adjustments like a DSLR that you seem to be describing in your post.....oh wait, I just checked and it does have all that. I never really messed with manual much before. I'm glad you ran across this thread! +rep

    Mjmama, I've actually read your C99 review before :p, Great shots, and great smoke report! I've always wanted to try that strain
  11. nikon D90

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