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  1. I see so many great pics of weed on here but everytime I try to take a pic of what I got it doesnt look anything like what others have posted. Any tips on taking a good pic? By the way I just have Kodak EasyShare camera. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well I'm not sure what an EasyShare camera can do, but if you can, set it to take pictures at a high resolution. My camera goes up to 3000x2800 resolution so get a good focus as close to the weed as possible and take your picture. Since the resolution is so high, you can get very detailed shots.
  3. Okay, well here it is my first halfway decent pic. Or atleast I think so. :) I'd still be glad to hear any more tips for taking a better pic.

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  4. I always try to use the sun as lighting, produces the best pictures imo.
  5. First thing you want to do is turn on the macro mode, this is what you should use for close up's - usually it's a flower symbol on your camera. Second you want to set your camera to a high ISO speed (unless you have a tripod or something) that should reduce the amount of distortion from your hands shaking, higher ISO = faster shutter speed.

    After those two things it's a matter for me of adjusting the lighting on the camera as well as exposure time, then just balancing the color levels in photoshop or gimp.

    heres a quick one I took on my 7MP Canon with just these simple things.

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  6. ok, I think I'm getting better...

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  7. btw on here is the only place i hear names for weed. around here we just call it weed, pot, bud, etc. i guess what i would like to know is does anyone think these pics are a specific kind of weed or strain? i've been smoking for about 7 years now and never had weed that had a name :confused:
  8. Getting better on your first close-up, you just need to focus a little bit more (get some light source right above your weed) but looking better
  9. cant tell if they are any better or not lol i know i gotta do something with the lighting

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  10. Just make sure you're using macro mode. In macro mode (the little flower) there is no flash, so try and make sure that there is good lighting on the weed. Don't worry about the megapixels or anything else...megapixels only really affect the quality of the picture if you choose to print it out.
  11. There is flash in macro mode on my kodak easyshare.

    heres one I toke with a kodak easyshare

  12. high heatherly! welcome to the city! anyhow, to answer your last question, no. it is impossible to tell what strain of weed you have just by looks, smell, taste etc. you hafta know what the genetics are from the seed bank that it came from or what clones the grower used and such. sorry.

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