Taking pictures during sleep time?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by iNeedPot, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Lights are off right now and I was wondering if I can take pictures now or is it gonna mess their sleeping cycle.

  2. You can it's not a huge deal but just don't make it a habit. I usually take pics right before the light goes on or right after it turns on and isn't super bright
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  3. I decided to just wait. I mean... only 4 more hours, why fuck it up when I can get better pictures with the 1200W spreading lumens all over the place
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  4. I've heard of some folks winding up with 'hermies' with just a bit of a flash. I've been tempted to take a picture during lights off, but why take the chance of messing your grow up? I'm with you...no 'flash' of lights. Patience!
    WHAT? Really? Did not know that....filing that away for future reference.
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  6. You could, but their eyes will just show red.
  7. How about a DSLR on a tripod?
  8. I hate taking pics under HPS, fucks up the green... I love seeing healthy green. I take my chances and either shut off the light or take pics at lights out. So far so good :smoke:
  9. Takeing pic wont turn hermaphrodite lol, if you leave light more then 5 min for a couple days it might confuse it in flower but camera flash wont turn it.

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