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Taking my first break from the pot.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zerothehero09, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Tonight I have decided to take a months break from the ol' devil's lettuce...

    I have been smoking the pot almost every day for the past 9 months, and quite regularly, but not as often, for two years before that. I feel as though it's affecting a few different aspects of my life... I can no longer concentrate for long periods of time, I have no motivation, hardly any money and I feel really lazy all the time. I feel almost depressed... And unfortunately, the sacred herb has even started to affect my social life: some of my friends are less than enthusiastic about my pot usage.

    If only long term regular usage didn't have such negative effects... it's going to be a difficult month guys... :(
  2. I've been smoking pot daily for a year now (pretty regularly before that) and I have no problems and except sometimes I don't feel like doing shit when im home hahah!! I suggest you start growing your own to save money. Since you need to take care of the plants that will keep you motivated. Also, don't let peer pressure affect your pot use. When your friends are pressuring you into quitting, remember, "Just Say No"
  3. I'm definetly not quitting, haha.

    I think it'll be good for me too in a way, this means I can clear my head up a bit and decrease my tolerance- my next hit will make it all worthwhile. Unfortunately at the moment, I'm not in a position where I can grow my own, although hopefully someday I will be.

    My friends are blind and unreasonable when it comes to cannabis- few of them have any real experience of weed, and were brought up in families who raised them against it. I was raised with it around me for my whole life, so I suppose it's only natural that someday I would become a regular toker. I guess I just wish that they would learn to see my habits from my point of view for a while, rather than theirs.
  4. Yeah man I'm on my first break too I've been smoking since I was 12 now Im 19, and I was feeling the same as you I'm trying to go like a year without it and then start again but I definitely will grow my own when I do:wave:
  5. I'm in your situation. I'm taking a week t-break. I already thought about all the advantanges to taking a break, like you mentioned above. A tolerance decrease. Saving money. Clearing my head and getting priorities and other shit straight. I won't feel slow/unmotivated tomorrow (I smoked today for the last day). I actually still have some bud but refuse to smoke it, I want it to last!

    My friends also used to think of me as a "stoner" and "pothead". If I smoke weed everyday like I do, I guess it makes me a pothead, but not a bad person. I'm no different than before I started smoking. If anything it's made me a way happier person.
  6. thanksmisfortun, I 100% agree with you- since I became a regular stoner, I feel almost as though I have become wiser, I have become less judgemental and more appreciative of certain things.

    My ex girlfriend, and friends alike, insist that I have changed, but I feel that I have merely grown mentally since when they first met me, and that they can't seem to just accept me for who I am now :(

    I think the reason why I became so heavily involved in the pot in the first place was to escape from the pain I was going through when I was getting over said ex, and it worked until I became a little too immersed in the pothead lifestyle.
  7. i fell as if smoking weed is fine as long as you have your priorities straight. Personally i don't like people (acquaintances) know i smoke so i do my best to beat the stereotypical stoner - lazy, stupid, dirty, bad grades, etc...

    a break would help you get your priorities straight, save money, and get your lower tolerance. good luck man
  8. I too am on my first weed break. I just started smoking this year, but over summer I smoke pretty heavily. I have been placed on two years supervised probation with random drug tests so I figure now is a good time to stop/take and break. I have weekly meetings for two more weeks, then will be monthly for two months. After the approximately 90 days of supervison they will asses my required supervision level and will most likely switch to call ins once a month. Anyway (now u know the situation), anyone have any advice on when i could start smoking again? I plan on having a celebratory night of getting faded!!! :smoke:

    ps - ive been sober for about three weeks now.
  9. Just started a tolerance break today.
    Going for a week right now, then going to see how I feel and decide if I want to quit and keep going.

    Good luck on your month man.
  10. yeah i agree with most people on this forum about saving money and lowering your tolerance with breaks from weed. but i disagree with a few about it being difficult to quit weed. i thought i was addicted a few months ago, all i could think about was getting high and it felt like weed was controlling me. but i then took a break from weed for about 3 weeks and began to realise i dont need weed to keep me alive and that i use weed to fill up time were i would be bored without the bud. but once you replace that time with something (i used writing music) weed seems less powerful. if you think your addicted try the method i just mentioned and i gaurentee a bud free lifestyle in a few weeks :D

  11. totally agree bro, i am currently on day 5 of my first t-break in 4 years. i feel great and ive been working out alot more and focusing on my business and making money. dont get me wrong, i love ganja, it made me who i am today, and it helps me with my anxiety and chronic back pain but ive been abusing it all these years. it was put here for us to enjoy and use responsibly, and i now can see that.

    anyway good luck OP, tolerance breaks are the best. when i pick up later on this week, i am going to get so blazed and enjoy it sooooooo much more.
  12. yeah man i agree with you aswel. being off the weed is good, but smoking it occasionally to enhance what you love doing is alot better ;)
  13. *applaud*
    i seriously take better notes in class and i feel a LOT happier about life because I constantly feel motivated to better my life. granted, i'm also tripping a lot, with the intention of expanding my mind soooo i may just have shit goin for me! but i think that, when you smoke a lot all the time, but make a point to go out and do something active, you can greatly better your life.

    and shit, edibles are the ONLY thing that gets rid of that pain once a month so holy crap i could never give up the ganja:hello::smoke:
  14. Day two of my first T-Break... Seems almost typical to say this, but since I didn't smoke any pot last night (like I have every night for the last couple of weeks), I have actually woken up feeling refreshed for a change, and not just groggy.

  15. very well put. that is exactly how i feel. beat the stereotype. sometimes its a little hard tho...
  16. can't see it happening, but good luck :)
  17. Your going to get RIPPED when your break is over since your tolerance will be down. Look at it that way.
  18. Hey man im with you. Maybe not that long but im on a tolerance break. woot!
  19. I took a month long t-break from june 13 to july 13. I smoked on july 14th and I was so completely gone after a few bowls. There's nothing like that first hit :smoke:after a break.

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