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Taking my bong on airplane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by curtikins, Nov 18, 2014.

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    I'm leaving for college in 7 months and I want to take my dirty Rico oil rig, Iv read other post on here but everyone always talks about carry on, would I have a problem if I cleaned it and put it under the plan with my luggage? If I like put it I between my cloths or something, what if I was to take a grinder full of weed also? Lemme know
  2. terrible idea
  3. i don't get the rico going to be clean or dirty? you say both in the same post. don't bring a dirty anything on a plane fool. if it's clean, pack it well and check it on. It's not illegal to bring glass pipes on a plane, but be ready for scrutiny and possible further security checks and/or delays if it's spotted. And make sure it's VERY clean. Any trace of THC will get you a federal charge.
  4. First and foremost; clean that mother fucker til it shines. I'm serious; hot water, alcohol, 420 resin cleaner... Whatever it takes to clean that thing FREE of bud residue.
    Second, get a secure case for it. You bought the 'water pipe' legally, and therefore it would be less suspicious if you have a legit storage unit for the piece.
    Then, take the piece in the storage unit and put that in with the rest of your luggage.
    If they really took the time to take it out and look, it wouldn't (shouldn't) have any residue left and can be chalked up to tobacco use ;)

    As a final tip; don't bring bud on the plane. It is doable, I have never personally done it myself, but I wouldn't risk it...
    Then again, my girl friend brought back unmentionables on a long ass plane ride once and got away with it........... I guess the grinder full of weed is a risk you'll have to take if you truly want the bud and can't just pick up where you are moving to. But personally I wouldn't.
  5. The maker of the rig is called "dirty Rico" of course I'll clean it 5+ times
    They let you in college? 
  7. Just because I rarely fly and have a question about taking a piece with me doesn't mean I'm an idiot lmao, fuck outta here
    Uh ya kinda does..... You asked about bringing a grinder full of weed as well and even the simple minded have a clue enough to not try and bring fkn weed on a plane so you kinda see where my post came from and if you don't well......
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    He isn't saying that because you rarely fly, he is saying it because bringing a used piece on a plane isn't a great idea, no matter how much you clean it.
    Edit: As for thinking about bringing a grinder full of weed on the plane, that is absolutely moronic. You are going to college, you will be able to find weed. Or get a federal charge for bringing a couple grams with you. Either way.
  10. Bad idea. I know people who do fly with small amounts of weed but its not worth getting caught.
    I'd say your best bet is just package it up in one of those flat rate shipping boxes and just mail it to yourself or have someone mail it to you when you get a address. Just say it's some stuff that you want that won't fit in your luggage. It should ship domestic mail no problem.
  11. Haven't you seen Harold and kumar 2...It's a bomb!
    Clean piece should be fine, bud is a no no.  I have zero experience traveling with paraphernalia though.
    "I'm bringing my dirty Rico oil rig" ... so read that back and see the problem. The maker of the glass is arbitrary, and it's actually "Dirty Rico" if you want to get back to basics.
  13. Alright, well I wasn't trying to start any shit, just asking simple question, I'll clean the rig and take it, but no bud gotcha. I didn't think it was okay to bring, just was asking anyways.
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    Once I farted on the bus. It got hotboxed BROOOOO
    curious is it a domestic flight or international?

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