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  1. Tomorrow it's my friend's birthday and to celebrate about 8 or 9 of us are going to meet up near my house after work to all throw down to buy some Ecstasy, I only have to throw down 20 and I'm covered. And later on that night my friend's cousin is going to come down with 2 zongs and a few bongs and a quad of weed to sift us all over while we all roll.

    So, I have never taken ecstasy, and I'm wondering what I should expect and if I should take it or not, I don't generally like pills, but this is an exception for I'm a deep minded spiritual smoker, and I think this if anything would make me love life in it's TRUE way.

    We are planning to wonder the golf course near my house and star gaze and toke in between, I'll let you guys know how it goes.

    Till then, tell me your stories from MDMA and if I should do it? :smoke:
  2. Xtc is absolutely one of my favorite drugs.

    Infact, next time I see Nine Inch Nails, I'm gonna thizzle the fuck out.

    Now, expect amazing physical sensations via touch.

    Expect awesome thoughts and bouts of extreme euphoria.

    Expect a good time.

    Also, expect to play responsibly.

    Keep hydrated.

    Don't overhydrate.

    Also, if you want to make it even MORE potent, drink OJ and eat Vitamin C caplets.
  3. i havent done x but i hear good things. basically, stay near a fan if your indoors and drink a lot of water. have fun
  4. If you want to enhance the high significantly you should eat some 5-htp
  5. Do it man. Hope you're getting a couple pills at least for 20, pop one, wait an hour and pop another if you feel like it. Smoke bud the whole time, sip water occasionally. Most importantly just go with it, don't think or worry. If you start feeling nauseous on the come up just relax and control your breathing to level yourself out. Have fun. "deep minded spiritual smoker" You'll probably have some deep ass conversations.

    NO. If you want to take that stuff take it after, not before at all.
  6. Eating a grapefruit is better than oranges:cool:

    ----did you see what i did there?
  7. damn straight.

    im gonna flip my nuts off tomorrow.
  8. This is why inexperienced users die from molly, because they either drink too much(leading to water intoxima, which results in death) or not drinking enough. When I roll, I make sure I have one bottle of water with me, but thats it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As for what you can expect to be feeling. Its really hard to describe. Light, colors, music are all taken
    to a whole new level when on it. When listening to music, it feels like you pick up things you couldnt normally hear. When I turned on my friends light machine, the light seemed to explode into a burst of fireworks, and all I could see was bright lights for a couple of seconds. Me and my friend (chick btw)just sat curled up in each other and watched a movie. I felt like I was melting with her or something. She felt like the softest couch ever created. Everything feels better on E. I highly suggest you at least try it.
  9. I dunno if it was just me or something, but the first time I really rolled I kinda felt really sick on the come up. I think it was stomach pains kinda. I just had to convince myself it wasn't bad and I was in control of the drug since I had water and it wasn't hot or anything. The whole rolling experience ended up being great, but maybe lightweights like myself might experience a weird stomach pain while coming up. I don't want to say it happens since I never heard about it but for some reason I felt it. and it was a pill but it was a very good one, probably good molly inside of it.
  10. X is my favorite drug - by FAR. You're gonna be in the best mood of your life (if it's good X), and will probably have a great time. Some advice for when you roll... DON'T THINK ABOUT IT! Eat the pill - then forget you even took it. Go out and just chill.

    If it's REAL good X, don't expect that real fucked up feeling - at least not at first. You should just end up being really, REALLY happy, talkative, etc...

    For a couple days afterwards you might feel a little bummed. This is because the serotonin in your brain was just depleted pretty hard. Eat some 5htp afterwards to counteract this affect.

    It's not just you... A lot of people get sick when they take X... It's just their body chemistry and shit. If that happens, just throw up and you'll feel a lot better...

  11. me too! :D
  12. I could go for some ecstasy.
  13. I think most people feel sick the first time they come up. MDMA is a man made chemical that your body has never experienced before so different bodies react different ways. Also the mental part of it, an inexperienced user might be scared from the anxious butterfly-in-stomach feelings during the come up and misinterpret that as something going wrong.

    A buddy of mine had only smoked weed and had alcohol before and it was his first time rolling. They were really strong pills and he felt sick on the come up. Then he started getting panicky saying he shouldn't have done this and stuff like that. We had him sit down and take slow, controlled breaths and in 10 minutes he was dancing his ass off and shaking hands with everyone that walked by hahah. You just have to go with it, don't be scared of having fun.:D
  14. Vitamin C for the come up, Magnesium for the come down.
    I've done e probably like 6 times and only had 1 bad day after but it's because it was my first time and didn't do any of that. lol
  15. Yeah, don't think about when it's gonna hit, that'll just lead to a bad trip if you see others having a good time and you're wondering why you're not feeling anything. Don't worry, you'll definitely feel it. And really dropping one is more than enough if it's your first time. You may have bouts of nausea, depends on the person. I've personally never thrown up while rolling but I've seen others puke every time. They say it makes them roll even harder, I dunno, I've rolled my balls off without puking once. Invest in some glowsticks or something, the light trails you'll see are a lot of fun. Make sure you're in a really dark environment though, harsh lighting can really kill the experience. Get something to chew on too cuz you'll likely start grinding your teeth.

    Oh, and don't chew the fucking things unless you want to know the most fucked up taste in your life. I also don't recommend you roll days back to back. You'll feel a little burned out the next day so give your body plenty of time to rest.

  16. QFT! This man just gave you all the info you need. +rep btw :D
  17. u and all of ur friends will have a massive orgy.
  18. Haha yeah man that's what ended up happening to me. I felt a little sick, probably because the pills I had were bomb, and I was on the verge of freaking out. Then I was like wait, no I am fine, this is a drug and my mental strength can overpower any weird feeling. and yeah I was like this is going to be awesome it is just always weird for the first experience for any drug. I saved myself from freaking out luckily and grooved the night away.
  19. That's assuming he can get it up while rolling. It's pretty hard! (lol, pun)
  20. i hate you.

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