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  1. Wats up everyone?!

    Ok i have never chopped leaves off the buds to let mroe light get to the bud because i heard that they need energy from the leaves. but i predict i harvest in around 2 weeks or befor hopefully, well what do you ppl think?.
    ANYWAY.. i started this thread to ask if you think i should trim the leaves off the buds nearly all of the hairs are still white.. if you look closely you will see few hairs on some of the buds (mostly lower branches) are turning amber, leaves are still green.
    should i trim the leaves off to let more light get to the bud or will it be bad for the buds like stunt their growth or something.. i have pics**
    Thanks Everyone! :D
  2. HERE ARE THE PICS:: :cool:

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  3. From what I understand. From the research I've gathered is that the plant makes thc and flowers durring the dark periods to conserve energy. All the light nutrient absorbed all day long to make sugar to flower at night.

    That would bring the question is it a fruit or a flower?

    Fruit on trees ripe in the sun.

    I also think that if you cut leaves the plant might stop flowering to repair her self.

    God only knows for sure.
  4. cut it once the hairs start going amber but be careful not to wait too long
    the more hairs have turned to amber, the better it will cure
  5. If you do cut leaves off, don't go crazy. Every leaf you cut off adds stress to the plant. You do not want to stress a flowering plant. Also, the hairs aren't a good indicator of anything. They turn brown mostly due to environmental factors. For flowering progress and harvesting purposes, go by the trichomes. Amber is usually used to refer to trichomes.
  6. Plus if you cut off too many leaves you can force it to concentrate more on growing new leaves and stuff, but you want it to be thinking only about growing delcious buds.

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