Taking laptop apart to clean fan.. anything else to do while shes open?

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  1. Hey guys, so I have a HP pavilion dv6 and it looks like this model and from what i've read the fans are pathetic in most all HPs. It cranks up real loud sometimes to be heard across the apartment, and will overheat if im playing my video games and try to run any other type of application. So I recently found a video showing how to get it apart and shouldn't be too bad.. 
    Just wanted to know if any blades in the valley had any tips or suggestions on other maintenance while i'm inside the laptop? 

  2. spray everything out with compressed air.. if you're going to
    open up a laptop then you might as well loosen up your sound/
    video card chip and then place them back/screw in to re-secure
    anything that might have gotten loose
    Great man appreciate the information ill be sure to do said things, as I believe the fan is actually lose which is why its knocking so loud. Hopefully I can get this done in one sitting haha
  4. Another thing you may want to do while it's apart, especially if you're running into overheating issues, is apply some new thermal paste to the CPU. The heat may not be transferring very well due to a mix of dust and old thermal paste.
  5. Oh, and be careful taking the screws the hold the hinges in place out. They have a bad habit of breaking. Don't overtighten even a little.
  6. Yeah, I'll second WhiteZombie's suggestiong. Cleaning off the old thermal paste and applying new thermal paste could help. If you know what you are doing.
    I wonder though. Is it possible (and not too hard) to buy a new fan for it? Replacing the fan would probably help, if you could get the same one again or one that would be compatible with your laptop.
  7. They should sell replacements on amazon or ebay. Usually they're between 5-15$. Just search by the model number. And you can clean the thermal paste off with some isopropyl alcohol and a paper towl or cloth. Shouldn't be too hard, just need to unscrew the heatsync, which is already going to be attached to the fan.
    Hey took a little bit for me to get back but I was able to take the laptop apart and replaced the old thermal paste with a heat sink compound? hopefully that's the right stuff. Its running better but will still overheat if the room is a little warm but days like today when its cold it runs just like I remember.. I guess maybe the fan is actually just shit now , might look into getting one but not sure as of yet
  9. A ssd drive reduces a lot of heat too...im bout to change the fan in my sisters hp hope its not too tricky
  10. I dont suggest using compressed air but this thread is old so I'm sure OP did already.
    If you are cleaning out fanblades you should probably either completely dis-assemble it and clean it that way or take some Q-tips with a VERY VERY light coat of some sort of rubbing alocohol or something and take the dust off that way.  Obviously let it dry thoroughly 
  11. I would say replace the thermal paste with some good stuff (I use mx-4). If you remove the fan-heatsink assembly, this definitely needs to be done.
    If you're feeling adventurous, you could try replacing the thermal pad on the gpu with a copper shim. I recently did this with a dv6z-1100 and now it's really difficult to even get the fan to start ramping up (used to overheat and shutdown just from youtube). I think ebay sells copper shims specifically for this purpose, but be careful to get one that is the proper thickness to fill the gap. I personally just used some copper sheet metal my dad had and cut a small square out of it, but I wouldn't recommend doing something like that as the metal can get bent while cutting.
    Hope this helps.
  12. Re apply thermal paste to the CPU and GPU... Also take a brick and smash the screen,that way you over clock AND ubercharge the harddrives

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