Taking E with sore throat

Discussion in 'General' started by dael, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. i have quite a bad throat infection (i think, hurts like FUCK to swallow and my tonsils are swolen and shit) had it for about 4 days now will i be ok takin a couple of e's tonight or what? i dont want it gettin worse but eatin nshit wont be a problem i hardly ever eat when im on e i jus drink water n chewin gum the usual

    will i be ok :confused:

    thanks :smoking::wave:
  2. I don't know anything about it... I apologize... but the best advice I can give is - when in doubt, don't push your luck.

    Just save them for when your throat is better.

    My opinion anyway.
  3. look in the mirror and see if there little white spots in the back of your throat or on your tonsils. Also, is your breathe foul?? If you do have the white spots, I suggest no because you most likely have tonsilitis, which comes with a small fever and wouldnt be good to take E considering your body heat rises like a motherfucker. If not and its just a regular sore throat, then go fry balls=D
  4. think bout it man do you wanna take them with ur sore throat and possibly be uncomfortable becuase of ur throat just take them when you feel better couldnt be too much longer man + gives you something to look forward to when ur not sick anymore my 2 cents
  5. the two things next to my tonsils are very swolen, they are actually pushin my tonsils to one side, and yes my breath is foul ive brushed my teeth like 13 times today lol and my tongue is fucking green, so im gonna take you guys advice and leave it a while :) think ill get a nice 20bag of skunk, a blunt, and get high :smoking:

    thanks guys
  6. yah definatly don't....You'll smoke a pack of cigs on E and end up with a much worse sore throat...Ugh, imagine that comedown from E and having a sore throat.
  7. wait, your not gonna take e cause you have a sore throat , but your gonna smoke a blunt?
  8. Dude, when you don't feel well getting high off of anything isn't as fun.
  9. uh, idk what these people are talking about.

    just eat em... you'll feel good. You'll be laughing at the though of your throat hurting haha. Assuming you have good E, that is.

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