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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Shiskaberry#8, May 7, 2003.

  1. Hello everybody, I am a closet grower I currently got 3 females on the go, and possibly 2 males (I seperated the males and females, they are now kept in seperate rooms). I want to take some cuttings off the females but I dont really have a clue how to take the cuttings, my mother reckons all I have to do is cut the head of the plant diagonally dip it in some root hormone and plant it in some soil, is this correct please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. listen to ya mum.
  3. So its that easy then.......cool.
    What about feeding them? What should I use?
    How long before i know if they take root?
    And how long is the average growing time indoors for Skunk#1
    thanks for the previous advice any more tips please!!!!!!!
  4. but, don,t feed till they really start growing...you will see the plant growing so don,t worry about the roots ..And it takes 45 days to head most skunks under lights this however has nothing to do with growing outdoors apart from it should head early rather than late.hope this helps.
  5. so how do i avoid my leaves yellowing? this one really has me stumped, and what should I start feeding the plants when they are ready, I live in britain so I will need some shop names or feed names
  6. do as l say and all will be well .Worry when it happens and causes a problem,lol.its a weed my friend.p.s. one of our pommie :D guys will be along shortly
  7. Here's a great link for cloning

    All the info is there, now all you have to is read up on it. After about a week you should notice the roots and after about 10 days they should be ready for transplant.

    Yellowing of the leaves is usually from a nitrogen defiency. For vegging start off with a fert that is even in the NPK like 20-20-20 or one that has more N like 15-10-10.
  8. thanks for the cloning tips I am just off to my potting shed to try them out.
    Any idea of the average growth cycle on skunk#1
  9. Go to the Sticky Post at the top of this thread...under 'Other Sites of Interest' go to Strainbase ID and Info.

    Server is currently down right now though or else I'd give you the link straight to SK#1.

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