Taking clones and what to replant in?

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  1. What's going on growers. Started my grow about 2 months ago. My girls are looking great and I've decided that I want to put them in flower stage within this coming week. However I wanted to take a few clones before putting them on 12/12 cycle. I'm on a very tight budget and really only have solo cups and soil to do the cloning, however every time I've seen someone take a clone, they put it in a rock wall type sponge. Just wanted to know if I could put rooting hormones on the clones and be solid with just replanting in soil. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated! And here's updated pics of my babes...

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  2. I use clonex gel, red solo cups and a clear tub as a humidity dome.......i have used root tone with maybe a 50% sucess, but with the clonex its more like 90%

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  3. Leave atleast 2 weeks

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  4. 100% success with clonex and promix Bx With the mycorrhizae. In red solo cups. Also have had same results with jiffys.

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  5. I do this .... take a few lower clones on the lowest laterals...less(N)

    tidy them by adding a 45 degree cut on the tip,

    scrape some bark off exposing the cambium

    then smear some household honey over the cut

    cheaper and better than anything you can buy

    then insert to your cup/rooter even diy bubble cloner

    if you expect hassles or want a lot ...lol

    I should advise you bubble cloning is a lot of fun

    see Rumples link:

    good luck

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