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  1. so, im going to have these seedlings...talking 15-25 at a time, how can i have them outdoors, without getting eaten by deer or slugs or anything else? hang them from a tree? should i keep them all together, like on a tray or holder of some sort? btw each seedling will be in a little plastic solo cup.....can i like make holes near the tops of the cups and tie them individually to tree(s)? or go with an elevated thingy to set my tray of seedlings on? this will all be outside btw....no grow zone in my house (live with rents). later guys, looking forward to hearing some pearls of wisdom from the old timers, hehe. peace
  2. Mmmm, im gonna be having the same problem. I dont have a place to start them so its all gotta be out there .( I could germinate them here if i dont just plant them.) But yeah i was thinking while theyre small, put them up high with slug repellant and salt and stuff. Either that or on the ground but have chicken wire around um.
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    nice link spence. I just use solo cups (or small pots) in a light wooden crate I tie in between branches of a sturdy bush. Copper ring around the stems and slug repellant in case. No problemo. Slugs don't usually crawl up trees: it works for me 100%. I start 4-5 days at home. Transport small cups with baby mj in box in backpack or start there but manage water. Find bush/tree that's protected from rain/sun (excess).

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