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Taking Brownies on a Plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mutemath, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Does anyone else think use of "SWIM" is kind've funny when the person in question is talking about taking edibles into an airport?

    OP seriously, not to diss the other posters but I'm gonna say - I think that considering it's a matter of about 10 minutes difference you should really just have them outside the airport. Takes away all risk in the matter.
    I just don't think it's worth getting detained and potentially unable to fly (temporarily or not) just for those few minutes difference.
    You can play the odds, but you're better off eliminating them.
  2. dude in amsterdam i smoked myself stupid in the same clothes (jacket etc) for a week, and toked up the last of my hash before leaving for the airport. Dog didnt do squat. My eyes were pink as hell.

  3. But that's Amsterdam...
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    The point is NOBODY could arrest you for suspicion of being high in airport. If you eat the brownies before you go in to the airport what are they going to do? Detain you for having red eyes and a big grin? That's lawsuit city my friend.
    "Umm yes your honor. This gentleman had red eyes which he says is due to allergies and we can't prove otherwise. He was also very happy and was polite to everyone. If it pleases the court we would like to recommend a permanent ban from every airport in the world and 10 years in prison."
  5. Just so we're all clear, dogs won't smell thc in your stomach hahaha. Not sure if they can even smell pot brownies in general. But yeah just eat it right before you go through security and then you shouldn't have to deal with anyone else while high :cool:
  6. Yeah but a dog is a dog and the security in Amsterdam is looking for people bringing weed home in particular there. Security in America is more about sniffer dogs looking for chemicals that can be used in bombs.
  7. I think you're a little bit confused.
    Nice attempt at smart-assery though...just kind of fell flat, considering the whole time in this thread, I've been advising just taking these edibles OUTSIDE the airport PRIOR TO going in...because by bringing it in, there would be a POTENTIAL of trouble. Being High while inside the airport isn't actually something I was like, ever. Ever. EVER telling the person not to do?
    Clear enough yet chief?

  8. I did a google search and it seems that sniffer dogs are looking for bombs OR drugs, not both :confused_2:

    I would assume most airport dogs are bomb dogs due to the current fears of terrorism
  9. LMAO I simply skimmed the posts and the only one of yours I saw was the one I quoted. My apologies "Chief". No need to defend yourself so ferociously. Nice attempt at being an internet badass though... just kinda fell flat, considering you used CAPS RAWRRRRR lolol. :wave::smoke: down boy.

    Edit: 100th post awwww yeeeeaaaa
  10. Dude you'll be fine. As stated previously most dogs in airports are searching for bombs and chemicals. The only exception I have ever encountered is when I got off my flight from Jamaica. Just as I got off the plane there was a dog searching for drugs. Ahh, ya gotta love Jamaica. :smoke:

    So if I were you I would eat the brownies. It sounds like it would be an entertaining plane ride.
  11. I think I'd be paranoid as fuck flying high. I get anxious flying anyway so i feel the bud would just exacerbate the situation. I guess it depends on how stoned you get though.
  12. #32 RandomThoughts, Jul 31, 2012
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    Yeah sorry for calling you on being an idiot there...Caps were used to make clear the parts you "skimmed over". Wasn't so much defending myself.
    Don't try to be a clever fucker when you haven't even got your shit straight.

  13. Haha imagine if this was their first time eating edibles and they ate a really big dose. Imagine them sitting in the detainment room completely stoned out of their minds! :hello::D:smoke:HAHA
  14. Personally I don't even know if I could TAKE being edible-stoned on a plane...such close distance to a shitload of people...I'd just be trying to fall asleep or something.
  15. I don't try. It's a natural gift.

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