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Taking Brownies on a Plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mutemath, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. SWIM is leaving tomorrow and SWIM was planning on eating it inside the airport before the security check. Only thing SWIM is worried about are the dogs. Can they smell the THC even after SWIM has eaten it?
  2. i don't think they can do anything unless you have a guilty by consumption law but they'd have to prove it and i'm really doubtful the dogs can smell inside your stomach but i'd eat em before you get to security
  3. you don't have to say swim on this site
  4. You're fine dude :smoke:
  5. IMO The dogs at airports are more for intimidation and bombs, and provide a sense of security for all the travelers. I walked by one with a straight nug in my wallet and it was less then 2 ft away and didnt move a mucsle.
  6. just eat it they cant do anything once you have eaten it you wont have anything on you so you'll be good.
    as long as Samuel L Jackson isn't around your fine :D
  8. [quote name='"Mutemath"']SWIM is leaving tomorrow and SWIM was planning on eating it inside the airport before the security check. Only thing SWIM is worried about are the dogs. Can they smell the THC even after SWIM has eaten it?[/quote]

    What the fork is SWIM
  9. someone who isn't me

    other sites make you say that instead of 'I' for some reason. Probably legal issues
  10. Just save yourself the trouble. Load up just before you go into the air-port.
    I mean how long do you have to wait for the plane?
    You could pass off any odd behaviors as nerves.
    I wouldn't (potentially) fuck over your trip by taking it inside the airport at all if you can avoid it. I'd even handle it using gloves if I were able.
  11. Paranoid people use it so they don't self-incriminate. It stands for Someone Who Isn't Me.
  12. They can't arrest you. If you're worried eat them before, but I'm sure regardless they'd help chill you out for the plane ride.
  13. Depending on what time you get to the airport and what time your plane leaves, I'd eat them before walking through security because it's going to take about 45 minutes for them to kick in so as long as you're not there super early, you'll have a nice high on your flight. Good luck, my man!
  14. I recently took a plane from Shanghai China to Norway and ate two brownies when arriving at the airport. Walked through security just fine, even spotted a doggy but it had no reactions. The brownies kicked hard exactly when the plane took off. Watched a bunch of sitcoms with my gf and munched a shit load of Chinese candy, it was a nice flight.

  15. Who can't arrest you?
    Pretty sure "they" could detain you until someone that *could* arrest you would get there, which would fuck up your flying plans and might halt you from leaving indefinitely.
    Really not worth the risk.
  16. Walk into airport. Go to bathroom. Consume bakery goods. Enjoy Flight.
  17. That was my plan treezpleez was just worried that the dog would stop me and we could possibly miss our flight and it'd be awkward with my parents there
  18. More likely than not, there won't be dogs. If there are, you're still fine. :smoke:

    Just don't give any reason the COP should stop you. (i.e. constant double takes, wide eyes, etc.)
  19. As a frequent flyer, I can safely say you'll be fine.

    Walk into your airport of choice, go to the bathroom and chow down, then check any bags and head to security.

    The only thing to worry about is if there are dogs between the entrance and the toilet, but I've never encountered that problem, even when flying out of international terminals.

    TSA is not interested in catching stoned flyers, just smugglers and terrorists.
    Enjoy flying high. :smoke:

    EDIT: Hell, you could just eat them in your car and avoid any possible risk.
  20. As long as you eat them before security you should be fine. However trying to get them past security has a much higher risk factor. If it was me I would just eat them right as I got out of the car like others have already stated. Then go ahead and check your bags, breeze through security and fly high :D

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