Taking Andrew Jackson off the $20

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Vicious, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Surprising! The federal bank is eliminating the only political fuigure to challenge them....
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  2. No. They're putting me on it.
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  3. I'm gonna have to ask everyone to stop appropriating my ancestors monetary system and traditions.
    I'm feeling really really triggered.
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    Honestly, I don't give a fuck. I give a fuck about its diminishing value, and the continued existence of the Federal Reserve.

    It was an insult to Jackson to have him on a federal reserve note anyway.
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  5. What is this supposed to achieve? Make black ghettos disappear?
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  6. Not anytime soon thought. It's just a plan to make it happen by 2030.. That's still way out. And Andrew Jackson is definitely not the best president

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  7. Idk....maybe instead of having one person on the bill...they can have new people every year. Could be a great way to teach everyone american history
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  8. Oh well, it's only bits of paper after all.

    When POTUS Trump paints the white house orange i am sure he will replace all bank notes with his own orange mug anyway.

    Propagandist for Propaganda
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  9. What is the definition of $1 US dollar?
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  10. That does't answer the question.

    What is the definition of $1 USD? How is the purchasing power of $1 USD measured?
  11. You would have to ask the fed. Us peasants are too stupid to understand such things.
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  12. I know. I'm trying to help some blades to wake up and think freely.
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  13. I try to hold as little monopoly money as possible. All about those properties, amirite?
  14. Wrong. Gold & silver, son...
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  15. Priceless

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  16. I bet there is a solid portion of the population that HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHO HARRIET TUBMAN IS. I think this is a piss poor decision. If they wanted to change the $20 bill, they should've went with Rosa Parks or someone like that. Idk, just my opinion on the situation

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  17. Surprisingly I always found Old Hickory on the twenty as odd considering he hated central banks. I don't like the idea of Harriet Tubman on the Twenty.
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  18. Andrew Jackson was the only president that actually worked as a slave trader. Jackson used his influence to push Congress to narrowly pass the Indian Removal Act. The Supreme Court of 1832 declared the act unconstitutional.

    Jackson's response was, They made their ruling. Now, let's see them enforce it. With that began The Trail of Tears.

    Jackson was a criminal and a butcher.

    To hell with him.
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