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  1. I just so happen to have THIS. Anyone wanna place a bet on how big/yeild of a random bagseed dropped right in the middle? :ey: Gunna fill it with a mix of organic black soil, worm castings and all natural bat guano.
    P.S that's a five gallon bucket for comparrison.

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  2. how often u gonna water it n how many hours of direct sunlight it get?
  3. Dude, that container is huge! I could probably fit inside. What's the bet? Or just a guess?
  4. Haha I did forget to actually make a bet didn't I? We'll just stick to estimates.
  5. I'm thinking for this one I'm going to spray paint it green, haul it out to the middle of my swamp in the tall reeds. This will be provide unlimited moving water and the maximum amount of sun (sunrise to sunset).
  6. Strain will be my strongest seedling from bagseed, or if someone wants to donate a femmed seed of a known strain, I could grow for biggest yeild of said strain lol.
  7. thats some nice pot..
  8. well if all goes well n u provide the correct pest protection... u in the northeast.... im think ~ lb. but even thats generous
  9. Keep us posted.
  10. An ounce or two.

    Rule of thumb is 1\2 Oz per gallon of soil.

    Why we use 30 gallon + pots.

    Good exercise in growing though.

  11. I'm confused? It's bigger than a 4 gallon pot, I can very easily sit indian style in the bottom lol. i would imagine that it would be pretty much the same as planting in the ground, just with better control over soil and conditions?
  12. My bad, missed 5 gallon next to it.

    If everything goes right. LOTS! !!!!!

    Not gonna bet, you still running unknownz outdoors, be happy if you get an Oz'r (but keep hoping /working for pounds. I will 4 U 2)
  13. Oh ok hahaha you scared me there for a second. Yeah I'm gunna put everything I can into at least a pound. But I wish I was working with a known strain that would at least give me an idea of what I should be expecting.
  14. Wait, you're saying the gray pot is 5 gallons? No way lol look at the grass

    Edit- Ok I see now hahahaha good luck!
  15. Hey twisted the lawn mower broke, don't bust my balls hahaha

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