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Taking a test...burnt out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AK74, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. i think that taking a test while burnt out (not high, just burnt out so you can at least remember what the question said when you go to answer it lol), might help. i did recently and noticed instead of my brain attacking each problem the same old way, it went through all these other paths and gathered info along the way that it never would have if i was sober. or i just had totally abstract reasoning that i wouldn't have if sober, which led to much more logical answers.

    its weird, but does anyone know what i mean? its like you can figure stuff out (if you try really hard lol) that you wouldn't even think of figuring out if you were totally sober.
  2. This is exactly how I scored the highest mark on my civics exam. During the burn-out period, my mind attacks the question at hand and makes me going into a Stephen King like detailed answer the gives me an essential 'WIN'

    It's pretty fucking sweet.
  3. yeah its cool. the bad part for me was on that particular test i had hardly studied, so i can only imagine how good i wouldve done if i had studied more. but thats how i realized how being burnt out can help......because i barely studied yet i was able to do some stunning logical thinking on questions that stumped me and i think i may have done pretty good on the test overall.
  4. Yeah it does kind of add abit of weight to what you're answering but I mean as long as you know the subject at hand very well and can put one & the other together, you should have been good, I mean common sense + being burnt out + a little bullshitting= pretty fair mark.

    You should use this method more often.
  5. maybe i will on multiple choice tests. just no essays, i suck at writing while there's too much thc in my body lol
  6. lol yeah man, time it right! Being buzzed, burnt out is one thing while doing writing tasks, but being baked out of your fucking oven means you'll know fuck all.

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