Taking a T break

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TacoTurd, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Well friends, I have decided to go ahead and take a t-break for a month simply because my tolerance is REALLLLLLY high. I have been smoking for the last year every day about 7 times a day....

    yea... thats alot haha.

    Ill still be on gc, and im still going to grow a couple plants in time for when I come back from my little mental vacation ;)
  2. good luck man :wave:. you quittin' cold turkey? the first few days are the worst, but once you get over the hump you'll be good to go. just keep yourself busy!
  3. shit man i know how you feel. i'm on a forced t break at the moment because i play football (senior) and they give random drug tests. trust me, when december comes im gonna be high as fuckkkk! lol
  4. I've been on a t break for about a month now and I have to say my short term memory is a lot better. I have 3 different products in the oven right now that need different cooking times, and after watching TV and surfing GC, I can still remember that I need to take out the jalapeno poppers in 2 minutes then turn over the honey bbq wings and leave them in for another 5 1/2 minutes. This sort of stuff would blow my mind if I was not on a t break.
  5. haha thanks guys. yea its not really that hard for me. i mean i smoked my last stick right now, gonna start it officially tomowow. but yea.
  6. I love turds in my taco

  7. Thanks for contributing to my thread.
  8. A month is too much. Give it 2 weeks and you'll be good. You'll be surprised how by much not waking and baking keeps your tolerance low. 30 days is way more than needed.
  9. Alright that sounds better, I didnt think I could last a whole month haha.
  10. Haha alright man. Try to keep the smoking at sun down and you'll have the tolerance of a baby even if you smoke 6 times a week.
  11. Go for at least a week with no smoking. It's like the celery that comes with an order of chicken wings to reset your tastebuds and make the next wing taste amazing

    The body and mind benefit from breaks in all routines rather than breathing, drinking water, and urinating, lol.
  12. Im so high guys....sorry i couldnt last hahaha. nah it sucks having stoner friends living with you.

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