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Taking a mini T-break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by L0S, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I'm going to a concert on Saturday and I plan on smoking/vaping all day, so I decided to take a 2-day tolerance break (today and tomorrow) and see if I can shock myself into some great highs.  I've been toking once or twice a day regularly for a few months now, so I could definitely use the break.
    Anybody else on a T-break right now?  How are you holding up?

  2. I'm on one, but for a different reason. Got one growing, and i wanna "save myself" for when she's ready to harvest. So far so good, smoked the last of my stash last night, but damn I wanna blaze. :lol:

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    I never notice much of a difference with any break less than a week. But that might just be me hah

    Edit: Also up your omega 3 intake by a gram or two. Usually speeds mine up also.

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  4. I am on the 20-4 t-break schedule. smoke 20 days stop for 4.
  5. Just got through with a 4 day t-break myself.  Made a hell of a difference.
  6. I'm on a t-break since saturday and plan on going for a whole week. i noticed the last time i took a break for a week i got really baked every time i smoked for a couple days. I'm not dying to smoke but i am dying from boredom   :lol:
  7. gonna start a t-break today, cant remember the last time i took one probably sometime during winter...
  8. two days barely do anything for me. like others have said, four days usually makes it noticeable. 

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