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Taking a Hair test :0

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by datsdatdude, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. This isn't a question but my background,use history and method attempted .
    I currently have a job but have been trying to get a new one for 4 months. A friend works with this new potential employer and has known of my applying there the entire time.About 3 weeks ago I hit a vape about 10 times one day and a couple the next.I hadn't smoked in 6 months prior to hitting the vape.I was under the impression that if I was called for a drug test it would be a UA and i wasn't worried because I was out of town the 2 weeks after I hit the vape.
    I finally received a call last Friday that I have been approved for the position and need to schedule a day to come in for processing. I went in this Monday morning to HR only to find out they require a UA and HFT. I walk out the office, immediatly msg my friend and ask him why he never warned me and of the HFT and his answer was "uhhhhhh thought you knew ".
    I went straight to the nearest head shop and got the Omni cleansing shampoo and went home.I got a bottle of white vinegar and doused my head and rubbed in.I kept adding vinegar to keep it wet for 30 min. I then went and found a bottle of asprin and quickly turned them to powder in a coffee grinder.I got some washing detergent ,liquid bleach and placed 2 equal amounts in a cup with the asprin and mixed good, then placed this all over my head while rubbing in.I let this stay for about 30 min and I rinsed.I then placed a large amount of baking soda in a cup with more detergent and coated my hair while massaging for 30 min. I then rinsed good and applied the Omni cleansing shampoo, lathered for 15 min and rinsed,then repeated the Omni shampoo again but waited 30 min the second time. After this I showered just rinsing my hair and not using shampoo or conditioner .
    I then left and headed to have my hair test done nervous as hell.
    I will post back the results asap
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  2. I BEAT THE PSYCHEMEDICS HFT! ! The information on the hair test thread is invaluable. Thanks to all that contributed to it.Much love♡♡♡♡
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