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Taking a couple of advil then smoking a bowl...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AusTiN_420, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I've got a big ass headache and i was wondering if i would be alright if i take a couple advil and then go and smoke a bowl?
  2. careful, headaches+advil+weed= your brain exploding

  3. lol

    and ofc you can take advil and smoke!
  4. I'm 99.9% sure there isn't a single drug that weed would cause any problems with. Weed is safer than aspirin after all...:smoke:
  5. don't mix weed with plastic
    my homeade set on fire and i thought i had a bongtoke still in the piece, but i just took a nice toke of plastic
    definately ruined my high and turned it into the worst headache of my life
    a little off topic, but yeah.. you can take advil then blaze..
  6. Your gonna be fine
  7. That's horrible, plastic smoke is literally poison.
  8. ^yeh I had just personally bought a bag for the first time in a while so I was alone
    I was on like maybe bowl 7 when that happened, i was rediculously fucked and didn't even realize my piece was ON FIRE
    shit sucked but oh well.. it's over with
  9. Why did you call me a douche in rep? I don't understand why saying "Your gonna be fine" is being a douche.
  10. ^you negged me and said my post was "irrelevant and dumb"..
    so I negged you back and said "no reason to be a douche"..
    way to start a pety argument for no reason..
  11. There is no chemical like THC... you can mix it with pretty much any medication without any negative effects.
  12. naw man, thats fine one time i popped like 4 advils, had 3 beers and a bowl in the morning, i was just reaaallt sleepy, nothing serious.
  13. Be careful mixing weed with alcohol. Yes alcohol is a drug don't jump my jock for saying that. You won't die or anything drinking and smoking (unless you get alcohol poisoning) but if it is one of your first time with either I would take it slow and see how you feel.

  14. Research has come out on how smoking pot while drinking actually protects your brain cells from the damaging effects of alcohol. That being said the one time I passed out I was quite drunk and I took several large bong hits. My friends thought I had a concussion, but I'm pretty sure I was fine.

    Also, one of my friend's friends was on some kind of anti-anxiety meds and he got super stoned and it sent him into some sort of shock. He was just twitching his fingers and looking around the room, but he wouldn't respond to us and he eventually threw up a few times... It was one of the scariest nights of my life, but he wound up being alright. Still not sure if it was a reaction with the meds and the pot or if he had taken something else earlier in the night, but anything that messes with the chemicals in the brain should be used with caution.
  15. Dont worry bro I took three advils then ripped two personal bowls yesterday.
    Happy blazing bro:smoking:
  16. ...Why bother with the Advil?

    Marijuana helps with over 140 different medical ailments.

    (FROM: List All the Stuff Medical Marijuana Helps)

    I'm sure headache is in there somewhere.. ;)

    Peace and Ganja
    -Healing Of Nations
  17. You started the arguement. Your post was irrelevant and dumb.
  18. lmaooooo someone get this man a brain
  19. Forget the Advil, just smoke weed. It always helps with my headaches! :smoke:
  20. #20 Koolkid17, Jun 2, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
    Is it fine to take a Advil after smoking weed 2 hours before taking the Advil?

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