Taking a clone while showing pistils?

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  1. I have one plant that is doing very well.. Better than all the others..
    It was one of the later ones to start from bagseed and was nowhere near the biggest at first but it has grown more vigorously than all the rest and is now obviously the biggest plant..
    The plant has has NO training, just natural Xmas tree style plant...

    I took the bottomest branch from the north side that gets the least sun because I figure it would do the least good on the plant anyway, it was the smallest branch, and is about 2' long with probably 5 or so nodes on it.. The very tip of this branch has only a couple white hairs so is earlier than the top of the plant in showing sex..

    I trimmed the bottom 2 nodes off the branch so stick it in water, cut the bottom at an angle with a sharp knife, dipped it in some rooting hormone, and made a styrofoam block to hold it nicely on the top of a cylindrical pop bottle I cut the top off of..

    I have a 100W equivalent 5,xxxK LED lightbulb (like a house lightbulb) over it on 24 hours a day..

    Do you think it will work?

    I'd really like to keep this plant genetics.. I plan to veg it through the winter big enough for clones to go outdoors early next spring.. It has been my best growing plant and is bagseed from some dank girl scout cookies..

    I read GSC is clone only so it won't be "real" GSC but it's the best I've come up with so far..
    I have 3 other GSCs from the same bagseeds and they are only half as big as this one so this is a good one I think.. Hope my clone works..

    OK, so I just went and looked at it, it's been about 12 hours in water now, it still has 8 nodes on it, isn't looking wilted, and has even turned itself towards the light.. Good signs?
  2. I've taken successful clones as late as week six of eight in flower (last grow cycle, just a month ago), and I've heard of people taking clones as late as harvest day. Success ratio decreases because of stress to the plant, but the cuttings absolutely can root when taken that late.

    Some folks seem to struggle with the re-veg more than getting them to root. Personally, I'm not a fan of 24/0 when doing a re-veg, and I wouldn't do it when cloning at the same time. I prefer 18/6. Cuttings will root before they re-veg, and then they have a root system to facilitate them taking in new nutrients to facilitate the new, green growth.

    Just my 2¢. Good luck, have fun!
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  3. Ok so you suggest I set the light to 18/6? I think I have a timer around here somewhere..
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  4. Yes, that's what I would do.

    Separately, a 100w 'equivalent' bulb does not provide 100w worth of light. Manufacturers make shit up for marketing. Look at the draw watts. It's probably fine to re-veg with, but it won't be enough to flower with.
  5. Naw, it's just like a regular screw in house lightbulb, it says 14 watts but actually is pretty darn bright for a lightbulb and makes very white light..

    I figured it would be good enough to clone with since clones don't like a whole lot of light anyway from some things I've read..

    I need a decent light for this winter and have my eyes out for one.. Prolly something from CL..
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  6. Leaves are still perky looking standing out nicely so that's a good sign I think..
    Moved it to my closet and put a fresh 2.5 gallon batch of wine to ferment right next to it for some free CO2..
    Looking for my timer..
  7. You can clone right up until harvest. Personally I clone mid flower the majority of the time. I prefer too. Its even possible to partially harvest a fully matured flowered plant and reveg it if so desired to save genetics
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