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  1. So I decided a couple days ago that my pot usage was getting to be too much for the possible health effects it could cause on the lungs. I use a bong primarily, and joints when I'm on the road or hanging out elsewhere a bong wouldn't be feasible; I rarely ever use anything else. (I'm pretty picky about what I smoke out of, guess I'm just an asshole sometimes.) I was looking at vaporizers on the web, and became intrigued as to how a vaporizer would help improve my lung capacity and allow me to do many other things, such as toke when my parents are home.

    Yesterday, more fuel was added to my vaporizer search when my mother became concerned over my dry cough. (It's probably caused by the dry air in the house, which is made worse by my habit of smoking out of my bong in my room when they aren't around.) She threatened to take me to the doctor to get evaluated as I had a massive case of bronchitis right after April 20th of this year.

    After researching and going to the local head shop to check out their selection of vaporizers (a Vaporite model and some knock-off Volcano for half the price), I decided that a vaporizer would be a worthwhile investment. As of 1:00pm yesterday, I am suspending myself from smoking until I get my vaporizer on Friday or Saturday. This gives me time to bring my tolerance back up so I can get super high when I use my vape, and allow the symptoms that have brought concern to my mother to dissipate (should take a week or so if it's caused by the smoke; if it doesn't go away, I'm getting a humidifier for my room). On top of that, vaporized THC is technically not the same as "smoking" in the traditional sense. My girlfriend is a major anti-pot person and falls for the bullshit propaganda that marijuana is this horrible substance and causes all sorts of health problems. Maybe, just maybe, with a vaporizer, I can get her to try it. I swear, she has been completely mislead by the ads on TV and all the other social stereotypes associated with marijuana consumption (which is something for another thread).

    And the vape I plan on purchasing is exactly (or damn similar) to this one: Vaporite Vaporizer on Sale

    In the meantime, anyone have feedback on that vape or other suggestions? Just thought I'd share that in hopes to get some comments from vape users or people who have been in similar situations as mine.

    Happy toking! :D
  2. If you can, I would save up another 80$ and get a V-tower Extreme for $200 off ebay. I hold on to one for a friend and this thing has worked wonders for us.
  3. I'm seconding dbeck, the V-tower Extreme is a much better investment for not that much more dough.
  4. I don't have much experience with high end vaporizers but they're probably both right about saving for the sicker one. good luck on your blazing break:smoking:
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    Always nice to see a toker going onto using a vape, your lungs will thank you in the long run. I hope you can persuade your gf dude, i really do. Enjoy the vape, will get you blazedd:D
  6. if your looking for a portable vape i'd get a magic flight launch box.

    i have one and its great. very easy to use no turning nobs to get the perfect temperature.

    if your planning to smoke from it alo tho i'd recommend extra battery or a 15 minute charger
  7. Vaporizings great!
    I recently invested in a vaporizer and I love it.
    When I vaporize my whole apartment smells dank as fuck, so don't think its a stealthy thing ;)
  8. I also just recently bought a vape and I def. agree. it gets you high as hell (after the first couple of tries) and it's better for you. depending on what & where you smoke (i.e. next to window, bathroom, etc.) it can be kind of stinky (in a good way) but nothing that lasts longer than a half hour. Careful not to combust your bud by turning the heat way up. Slow and steady.
  9. If I do that, I'm ending my t-break and just smoking less up to a week before I get my vape, then I'll take a t-break.

    It figures that the day I decide to go on a tolerance break, I've had many stressful events happen to me all in one day. fml
  10. Great decision, vapes are cool.:D

    My brother and I use the magic flight launch box, killer vape for about 100.00 and it's completely portable, it uses rechargable batteries.

    I think there are some threads on here regarding the magic flight launch box.

    As far as your girlfriend, show her some of the videos out, like "The Union, the Business Behind Getting High" or "Super High Me".

    Here are some links to the many medicinal uses of MJ including asthma, cure for cancer and many many more, from A to ummm Y, I guess...:D


  11. do your lungs get resined up? because I can't breath lol.
  12. I have a Vapir Classic Portable. Works great... Has a timer to auto turn off so you don't burn the house down after you smoke too much and forget about it, it tells you when to hit it with a green light and something that sounds like a cars turn signal, the herbs go in easy too. It is sort of like a computer cd drive, you just load it in there and slide it back in... Not to mention, it IS portable with a friggin laptop battery in it :smoke:
  13. I run every day pretty much. I think I'm alright. I don't know if they get resined up, or what it has to do with this topic, but whatever.

    I fail, tolerance break meter back to 0 :( fucking stress man, gets me every time (the gym helps me smoke less though... :))

    I don't know if it gets resined up, but I'd like to run the smoke though a filter of some sort as it comes out the top (the shit we inhale, the end product) to see just how bad it is compared to other methods (bowl, blunt, joint, etc.)

    The problem I have with a bong that makes me want to get a vape is the burning sensation bong smoke leaves on my throat. It's crazy!
  14. I'd also recommend the V-tower...I can't really say anything bad about it. I've had it for about 8 months now and have had absolutely no problems.

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