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Taking a break from weed! Advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RoXyFoOj6, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. #1 RoXyFoOj6, Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    I have been smoking for about a year now. It helps me with anxiety and insomnia. For the first few months I would smoke 1-3 times a week. Later I started smoking 5 bowls a day. I never went crazy with smoking. Now I smoke a bowl in the morning (wake and bake) and a bowl at night to sleep. Sometimes just at night. I was a productive stoner. I went to school. Went to work. Has a good relationship with my family. Until i got caught. My parents over react. I'm a 21 ur old female btw. They chose to get mad at me for nothing. Instead of seeing the fact that I was fine and doing well, they were more focused on the "drug" part. It helped me a lot with my anxiety and depression. I live with my aunt now but they want me to leave soon. In nice way. I saw my dad recently and he made a deal with me to give me my car back and a small studio he built if I stopped smoking. The problem is that it's hard. I tried for 2 days and I couldn't sleep. I get irritated easily. I just want to quit for a few months so he thinks I quit. And so I can get a better job. But it's hard. Any advice?
    I'm afraid of I quit. My anxiety will come back. I used to be afraid to walk down the street. But ever since I started smoking. I became braver. Happier. And a better person in my opinion. My insomnia is terrible. And I get mad easily. I don't know what to do instead of smoke. Video games don't interest me anymore. Nor do tv shows. I'm
    Going to miss going to nature sites and burn. Or having my nightly sesh.
    Is it bad/wrong that I'm lying to my dad if I do this?
    Also afraid that I'm going to lose my stoner friends if I quit. I love them
    So much. They have helped me through thick and thin. Especially when I got a few anxiety attacks.

    (my dads son went mentally insane from smoking. That's another reason why he's worried)

    Advice please! Advice for how to sleep and get through the day would be helpful!
  2. Also in a few months (if I can stop for a few months) I was planning to buy blunts and take a few hits a night just to help with stress and this too much? Should I just smoke on Fridays ;-; idk anymore!!!!! My dad makes stoners sound crazy and weed sound addictive. I know it's not. But i need it to sleep. Is this an addictive reaction?
  3. Well you said you have insomnia and depression (Assuming it was before you started smoking weed) and it helps your depression you are using it as a medicine. A extreme but possible example is saying i have schizophrenia and i shouldn't take my medicine, it doesn't make sense because i need to, so if this formed from you using weed than try to come off it slowly but if it just came than feel free to use it
  4. brush your teeth every day and don't forget to floss.
  5. Weed is not addictive... There can be a psychological dependency but that's all... And knowing there's a slight psychological dependency is usually enough to be able to take a break away from smoking it... The first 'break' you have is always the hardest, once you've done it once, and you know you can without crumbling, you'll be able to break from, and whenever for however long you want.

    If it really helps you to sleep, then just smoke one bowl at night.
    If you feel 'irritated' just make yourself aware, it's only thought doing that, not the weed.

    You're dads son didn't go mentally insane because of smoking weed, it may have contributed but your dads son would have been predisposed to having an 'episode'
  6. it also depends on the person. some people have addictive personalitys. I would never say weeds addictive but that doesn't mean you cant be addicted.
  7. Take Valerian, and Passion Flower. Do you have a GNC near you? There is another herb blend you can get on Amazon called Mellow out.

    I don't know how to tell you to quit. I can't quit myself. I am trying to cut down. It helps me sleep too. You are over 21 so I don't see how your dad can make you quit.
    Storm Crow has tons of links that are studies on cannabis and it's medicinal uses. There would not be so many states legalizing for medical use if it didn't have medicinal uses.

    There is no way your dad's son had a mental breakdown caused by pot. He must have had a mental illness to begin with that would have come out eventually.

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