Taking a "break" from college

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  1. What's up blades? This semester has been a stressful one for me. Issues like family, and too much pressure over all to do well in school has took a toll on me. I'm thinking about taking a break from school, and start saving up money and working more. This will be a pretty big deal to my parents, but I feel like I need to do it. Anyone else feel/done the same thing?

    I might take a couple classes at the local CC still, but college is kicking my ass right now :eek:
  2. Just power through school. If you leave now theirs a good chance you wont go back then all the time in school would just be wasted money.
  3. Let me just say, as a college grad, school ain't nothing compared fo related life.
  4. after high school I thought I needed a break from more school. I didn't do shit for a year, hard to find a job or anyhthing. Now im finally getting out of my hometown to go away to school. I think I might have needed that time off to figure out how important college is. So, take some time off if school is taking too much of a toll.
  5. Dont do it. At least take some electives or something. Just stay active in school. I had the same mindset as you, had some problems going on some things i wanted to figure out thought i wanted to take a break. I went for 5 semesters straight out of high school so figured it be fine. So i didnt go this semester and it was the worst idea ever. I still dont know what i want to do, so i might as well have got some credits in anything. I can barely find work and made maybe 800 bucks which is all gone by now. And now im stuck at home all the time since i can barely work and have no school to do so i usually go out with friends any chance i get just to be outside, so that messed up my money situation. Telling you just stay in school.
  6. Do what you need to do. I completely understand; wish I had taken a year or so after high school to go "find myself." I know what i want to do in life and all, but I just wanted to go hike the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine- takes about 6 months, and connect with the earth.

    Anyways, I had 4 classes this semester; not too stressful, but I wouldn't want to do it again. Next semester I found out I only have 2 classes, since I have to wait until August to start automotive. So next semester will kind of be my time "off." World History 2 will be fun and easy, and Art Appreciation won't be too bad. But yeah, do what you gotta do to get yourself back in the right mindframe. -kevin
  7. I'm taking the year off to transfer and also because I had a ton of legal shit to deal with this year. It's been good to me. I don't have much money and can't get a job and I have no car..but I've been productive and learned a lot from it and will continue to.
  8. I took a break from school bro, now I'm joining the Navy. Just realize that you'll have 6 months before you have to start paying your loans back.
  9. Take time off but keep active at a CC. I went into college the summer I graduated high school, worst mistake ever, and I ended up taking off two semesters. Learned a lot, saved a lot, and realized taking a break from school was a smart decision.
    Just tell your parents you need a break, the stress is causing too much wear and tear on you mentally. They shouldn't nag you if you work and/or take a few CC classes.
  10. I have a law degree. I paid my own way through school, every last dime. I got my A.A. then worked for a few years, then went back to college and continued doing that all the way through law school. I'm glad I took the breaks I did. I would have hated to do the whole thing in one pull, looking back on it now. I have had a fascinating life and worked in a number of different career fields. And I always had money.

    You sound way stressed. Obviously, trying to stick it out is always the first course of action which must be explored. While this may well be your first choice it may not be the best one. Perhaps a working "sabbatical" may give you time to get your head together and stack your chips. It just depends on the details of your circumstances and the kind of person you are.

    Good Luck, Brah :)

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