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Taking a bong hit.... of a Fly

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GolgiApparatus, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. So there I was!!!! About 7 years ago. Junior year of high school. At a random house party. In somebodies room..... taking rips with some friends of mine.

    So one guy packs the bowl fat. He starts torching it and milking the 3 footer nice and slow. Like slow motion, I saw a fly sort of fly near the flame untill POP!!!

    Like popcorn, the fly made a noticiable 'POP' sound.

    Immediately, my friend took the bong away from his lips and looked at it, half milked, in disgust.

    We all sat there for a moment in silence before he held the bong up and yelled "WHO WANTS A BONG HIT?!"

    random red head guy bursts through the door, grabs the tube, relights it, kills it, clears it, exhales, hands the tube back to my friend and leaves the room.

    and thats how I saw somebody take a bong hit of a fly.
  2. they smoked that flies soul... it lives on through a random redhead
  3. That's sounds pretty hot
  4. He's fucked.

    7 years? He's prolly half fly by now.
  5. I swear ive heard this before :laughing:

    A bunch of "fly" puns followed.

    I bet he was buzzzzzed
  6. Thats fucked lol...

    I would never do that to someone..
  7. Lol someone needs to make a cartoon about this story. Redhead stormin in and taking a rip and leaves like a boss without even knowing... Hahaha
  8. And thats how redheads get souls...
  9. ^^^ Now thats funny. Even though im redheaded ;)
  10. Don't be a pussy bro, just smoke it.
  11. I wouldn't talk about killing i mean smoking a living thing on here, ppl got crazy with me jus for getting a butterfly high...on accident i mite add lol
  12. Thee fly would just stay in the bong its no big deal
  13. Lol yeah maybe after its been incinerated going through the smoldering nug :p I'd be more concerned with inhaling fly smoke. It sounds like the redhead would have had to relight the fly anyways because he was the one who cleared it. Lol nasty shit.
  14. Hahah
  15. So that ginger does have a soul.
  16. Don't be ridiculous, it's been scientifically proven that if souls do exist gingers wouldn't have one
  17. So... What If he died from that? And they've been looking for his killer for years... You just admitted to the crime... Run! Hide!
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  19. On your mark, get set, terrible
  20. </3...

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