Taking a bath and..

Discussion in 'General' started by Vinyard, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. smoking bong, has to be the most pleasurable experience ever. Especially with some tunes. shitttt. :bongin:
  2. Sounds dope. Gotta try it one of these days.
  3. Try the feeling of smoking a nice joint with your girlfriend in an outdoors hot tub :) mhhhmmm damn only gay part it was kinda warm outside.
  4. getting a blowjob from your girlfriend - is quite pleasurable as well ;) But - toss in a bowl, blunt, or bong, and it's even better. :)

  5. Why use a BONG, when you could just use the water around you in the bath tub to make a small gravity bong with a cut 2 liter bottle. Didn't think of that huh? Or, if this was any way possible, use the whole bath tub as a bong, meaning to somehow put a bowl on one side of the bathtub, and the other side to suck up the smoke, that way, you'll be in water and smoke :smoke:

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