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takin' a bake break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kudzu, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. word, homies...

    i recognize a lot of user names from yahooka, and while i've been registered at GrassCity for a while, i am only just now posting here.

    thought i would see some updated posts from SmokinOkie (thanks for the heads-up critter), but looks like he's outta circulation still.

    i, myself, am in my second week of an herbal hiatus. did it about a year ago and found the break did me some good. for one, i can recall my dreams again. i'm also staying more focused and organized.

    i was basically a daily weed-head for about ten years. not the typical couch-potato, nintendo-playin, junk-food junkie either. actually put myself through grad school (ivy league to boot!), good job, raised two teen-age girls (both headin' to college this fall!), etc. but just needed a break before crossing the next threshold, whatever that may be.

    anyhow, that's my confession...i'm too afraid of telling a priest (who wouldn't these days!), so you guys get it. i'm planning on blazing 4/20 with the governor in denver at his smoke-out, then taking it easy again.

    see ya's.
  2. Hehe, funny thing, all my friends who claim, "Man, im takin a break from smoking, except for 4/20, we're gonna buy a quap and blaze the whole thing!

  3. Hmmm....lots of advantages in not smoking everyday. when I was a lot younger and long before the kids, I use to be smokin' everyday. Bales and bales of it, I've slowed down a lot and really smoke maybe only once a week if that. Sometimes I'll go a month or two. Always by choice, I always have a few buds around just in case I want some. It's more of a treat this way, you can really get burned out and bored if your'e smokin' all the time. Save a lot of money too! I know people who smoke up a oz and a half easy in around a week. That can really put a dent in the household budget, these people don't have kids or wifes or ex-wives as in my case. The best thing of all about not smokin' everday is that your'e tolerance goes way down so the high is a better
    But I know a lot of you are daily smokers too, and if it's not interfereing with your daily life that's cool. but for me I'd just as well save the buds and smoke'em at a leisurly pace and savor the buzz.

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  4. thx, hedburner. yer sagely advice is welcomed. yeah, the finanaces were another catalyst for my pause as my weekly intake is usually about a 1/4, which runs about $80 here. so that roughly equals a car or student loan payment!
  5. Too true hedburner. Another thing u've got to watch out for is drug induced psychosis- where smoking too much weed makes the line between reality and your mind a little blurred. I've seen this happen to people and it's not a pretty sight. It can seriously fuck you over in some cases. Thing is- it's difficult to tell whether it will effect you or not- there are only a small number of people who suffer from D.I.P. I say: don't smoke more than two-three times a week or only now and again have a complete smoke every day experience- just in my case obviously- I can't and won't lecture you blades as to be honnest some of you have more experience than me- tho I wouldn't call myself a complete novice

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