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  1. If you havent seen the new one with Liam Niessen(sp?) Taken your just missing the fuck out.

    This is the best 'dont fuck with dads lil' girl' flick I've seen in a long time.

    Heres a link to watch it. No downloads. Just click, buffer and watch

  2. Shyt was bangin' but we already got a thread for this
  3. From one frequent masturbator to another. I offer up a sincere my bad & where's the other thread?
  4. i just saw that last night with a first date, it was pretty good..

    reminds me of like an urban modern day version of rambo.

    but this guy isn't as much of an OG as rambo is in first blood, there's no comparison of course.

    still, the movie was pretty cool, i enjoyed all the crazy ass shit he was pulling.
    and i was pretty into it, i'd gotten pretty high before walking in there, i found myself sitting on the edge of my seat.
  5. This was a good flick he made jason bourne look like a biatch
  6. I also really enjoyed this movie. It's pretty much a good modern day action movie, that actually has a catching plot.

    and on a side note, lets be fair, jason bourne is a bitch.

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