Discussion in 'Movies' started by rob682e, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I just finished watching a DvDrip of Taken. It is now one of my favorite movies. For those that love action/drama/thriller type movies, I say it's a must see. Such a badass movie.

    It might not be for the sensitive, it did go pretty deep into the sex trade of stealing girls and selling them.

    Ganna end the night on a funny note and watch Zack and Miri Make a Porno...night.
  2. And Zack and Miri was pretty funny but just a reminder of what I'll never have...credits were pretty great too.
  3. It's kind of funny that it's just now coming to theatres, I first saw that movie like almost a year ago. Really badass movie though, the action barely stops for a second. It's a must watch for people who like any kind of movie(except for those retards that only watch gory movies to go "...cool..." at bloodshed). My favorite part out of the whole movie was when he finally met face to face with the guy.. priceless..:D
  4. Yeah, "I told you I would find you"---Everyone in the building dies 2 mins later. It's one of those movies I'll end up watching 10 times before I get kind of sick of it.
  5. Taken is one of my favorite movies...Just watched it again today.
  6. The man is just a badass from start to finish. He's the daniel plainview of modern day. Highly suggested to anyone who liked Man On Fire
  7. I watched this tonight.

    Badass movie, all around.

    My favorite part was when he finally catches up with the guy he talked to on the phone. He had him translate "good luck" so he could recognize the voice. Then proceeds to kill everybody.

    Liam Neeson is a great actor.
  8. Such a bad ass movie because it's not over the top at all. Everything in it is practical and you know something similar has happened in real life
  9. i just saw that last night high as hell! it was pretty dam good.
  10. Went to see it this weekend with the wife. it was a great movie, I know that because my wife doesn;t like this kind of flick but she loved it. A must see.
  11. Liam Neeson is a beast.
  12. Me and some friends went to go see it at the movies high as hell, the movie seemed so fast paced and seemed like it was a 30 minute movie to me even though it was two hours or so. but very excellent movie.
  13. I saw the movie today, shyt was hot, guy fucked up everyone
  14. Hell yeah, I just saw it today and it was fucking crazy. Mad shooting in that shit and some drugged up bitches..
  15. As the the guy jumped from the overpass, i thought "It'd be pretty funny if some car just smacked him." 2 seconds later. It pays to look both ways.
  16. Yeah Taken was pretty badass. It's definitely riding on the success of the Bourne franchise though. The action and music were almost identical.

    Did anyone else laugh whenever the daughter was on screen? The way she was always running like a retard everywhere LOL
  17. just watched this tonight...
    great movie...:hello:
  18. lol i thought i was the only one who noticed this!

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