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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slomoman, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Check dis shit out

    So me n a few of my friends were drivin around the park earlier tonight lookin for a place to blaze up at. At night time it's a pretty chill place and reclusive enough for no one to notice a lil puff puff pass. We stopped off at our usual spot and it was occupied by some old couple. I double back to survey a few other prospective smokin spots only to find they too had been taken. This little nuisance is becoming quite irratating, I been blazin here for YEARS!:mad: Anybody else run into this problem? I'm thinkin bout just hotboxin' for a lil bit and pull up beside them and roll the windows down like:
    *head nod* "Sup?" and keep blazin:smoke:
  2. ur bummed. ram them and tell em to get the fuck outta ur spot
  3. Yeah, one of my favourite spots sprung up a housing development. So much for my view of the valley and the city lights... :(
  4. I have a few different spots like that, nothing like blazing while watching the entire city.
  5. These fuckers are preventing me the simple pleasure of tokin in the warm January weather (I'm in Texas) shit is soooo chill out there, 'specially @ night:cool:
  6. dude i used to blaze in this house that was bein built and one night me and like 3 buddies were blazin a blunt in the garage of it (the house was still framing so it was open to the outside) and we saw this dude walkin back from this wooded area where i know for a fact there are no houses

    i think he was growin lol but they finished the house so we cant blaze there anymore
  7. Fuck those people
    Tell them to stay away from where you smoke at

  8. wow that really sucks. Yeah, nothing beats a great view while blazing and city lights are one of my favorites.
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