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  1. I am really torn about this one! Please don't get mad as I have had this really tearing at my heart!!!
    We gave up our house when the bank wanted to charge us almost $75,000 more than what it was worth along with the fact there were 2 attempted break-ins where the 2nd one they almost got in and left blood on the window. 
    We have several cats of which 2 were only outside kitties. When the move came we decided that we were going to take them all. We loaded them up in a kennel and brought them to the new place. Needless to say, they freaked out so bad I had to take them back to the old house. There are some great people that feed strays along with Jewels and Chompers. 
    My question to you is this: 
    If you had to move would you:
    A) take the kitties with you even if they are really flipping out
    B) take the kitties to a shelter where the only one that is accepting is not a "no kill" shelter
    C) leave them where they are since they know the area, the people and seem to be okay
    I feel like such a horrible fur-mommy for leaving them. I just don't know if it is better to leave them there where they have a chance at a life or take them some place that I know will kill them because they are older kitties and not really adoptable. I know they remember me and seem to still love me because when I go there, they come right up to my truck to say hello. 
    I was always against people leaving their animals when they moved but now I understand a little bit better as to why they do. 
    Please tell me what you think or would do but please don't be mean as i am trying to do what is best for them. 

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    I'd take em with you if you really liked em
    I'm sure they'll miss you

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  3. I would probably take them. They are more familiar with your home and surroundings, but they're also more familiar with you! They'll likely have a stressful reaction to either being moved or left, really. All animals take a little while to get used to a new home after moving, same as humans. If it's a pretty rural area, and they've always lived outdoors, I might consider leaving them behind. I'm too soft-hearted about animals to take one to a shelter, but that's just me. Hope it all works out well for you and the beasts :D
  4. Take 'em!
  5. What scares me is that the last time we moved, Ms. Kitty went missing. We kept her inside for almost 2 weeks trying to let her adjust and after her continuing to flip out we let her go outside and that was the last we saw of her. At least I know where these 2 are. It just really messes me up.
  6. id leave them personally.
  7. I figured at least they had a fighting chance with the help of the people that did come to care for them compared to a wire cage and the final death walk. 
    Thanks for all your comments, it really did help! 

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