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Take the quiz if you want the truth about MJ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Man, I couldn't even go past the first question. I was already pissed off. Lying bunch of f*cks!
  2. o yea, that was cool :rolleyes:
  3. Dear christ I hate sites like that.
  4. Sigh.....
  5. "Nice try, actually..."

    Yeah, i was angry, and laughing at the same time...
  6. I can't even read sites like that. They're so full of shit, they squeak.
  7. hehe i actually took it an i failed it miserbly
  8. ^
    yeah, who made these answers anyways? haha.. I never knew that pot smokers were "paranoid" "suicidal" "trouble makers"...
  9. ^^^lmao...those answers were funny
    nice one bud head
  10. Hmm. The only one I got correct was #6.............. How long it stays in your system. One thing I did learn though, I have a LOT of catching up to do. I've been smoking herb for bout 20 years now, and never stole anything, or been in trouble( knock on wood ). According to that thing, I should have been stealing for a while now. Or at least been in jail or something. So I guess no more laid back, peace loving hippie for me, no sir. I know how to act now. Well, I guess I'll see everyone later, I think I'll just hotwire the space shuttle, and take her for a spin. Have to make up for lost time, ya know! Thanks for the info BH.
  11. Did anybody catch the "TEEN SEX & DRUGS" thing at the bottom of the page?

    "This study has found that students were 2-3 times more likely to be sexually active if they drank frequently, smoked cigarettes, or used marijuana."

  12. I guess us stoners can't handle the truth... Must be because we smoke pot...

    Never been in trouble with the law.....Never stole any thing in my life........Never became violent when stoned.........

    One truth to all they said......It does make me horny as hell..I just don't rape or try and talk women into sex... I'm there if they want it!!!!! LMAO!
  13. Eh... they never say anything untrue... they just word it odly...

    They also put more stress into things that don't really matter in some peoples points of views like the law... and that hallucinagines (sp) affect how you see the world around you... and how bad marijuana smoke is compared to cigs (we don't smoke as much as we would with cigs... well, some of you are different...)

    Oh, btw, watch that yugio cartoon thing they have on the site... it's pretty funny :D . It hells why he doesn't use drugs/marijuana.
  14. I really thought pot users were mellow more relaxed and less likely to get into trouble

    Nice Try though:D it impairs judgment and make you more likely to get into trouble.
  15. We are all just a bunch of trouble making dope heads... I guess having a buisness and making it financially beeter than some, would suggest that I could be doing 100 times better if I wasn't a pothead... LOL

  16. i'm agree w/ them, because of that quiz i will never smoke again =]
  17. shouldnt it be illegal to flat out lie about something, and present it as fact to people wishing to educate themselves? because thats exactly what these freevibe people are doing. i could have sworn that pot didnt contain cancer causing chemicals, seeing as nobody has ever in the history of man died from smoking pot, and yet that site over and over again says it causes cancer. i dont mind so much them portraying it in a negative light, thats their opinion and perrogative to make it sound bad, but just flat out lying is what pisses me off. atleast give people the facts.

  18. i got that one right too and...the one that says it makes you a better if they tried to trick us and say ..."its makes you a better driver than if youd been drinking" ida said yes

  19. Thats not entirely true. I have read that Marijuana smoke does contain some of the same cancer causing chemicals as tobacco. But, actually getting cancer is a complicated chemical process and for whatever reason, the combination of chemicals in pot doesn't normally cause cancer, atleast not in the same way or to the same degree as tobacco does. I know this has been documented, I have seen it in several places.

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