Take the Money and Run. How would you steal?

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  1. "So the premise of "Take the Money and Run" is that a pair of people get a briefcase with $100,000 inside. They have an hour to hide it anywhere in their city. Then some real investigators have 48 hours to find the money.

    If they find it, the investigators keep it. If it stays hidden, the pair keeps it. The rules of the investigation are that the investigators get access to the pair's cellphones, any receipts they acquire during the hiding period and the GPS coordinates from their vehicle."

    So if you were hiding the money what would be your strategy in hiding the briefcase full of money?

    The best idea I could think of was parking kinda nearby (but not too close to where it would be noticed by GPS records) a Library, going in with the briefcase disguised and then 10 minutes or so later I would bring the briefcase to the Librarian and say that I found it in the building and don't know who it belongs to or something..

    Where would you hide the money??:smoking:
  2. Inside my floor probably. This show looks pretty cool
  3. Put it in a garbage bag and throw it in the ocean.
  4. By telling them you don't know whose suitcase it is... aren't you giving up the money in that case?
  5. Nah I figured that since we had two people on the team we had one to turn it in and another to later claim it.
  6. I would hide it at office depot with the other suitcases
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    Is this show staged? If it's legit I might try and watch it.

    But there has to be a giant camera crew around that case 24/7 once they hide the briefcase. Their not going to just let 2 people hide 100,000 around all those people. In real life that briefcase would get jacked by some random guy. Unless the briefcase doesn't actually have money in it.....

  8. The briefcase could just represent the 100k, then after the show they get the real money. Its kind of a liability to leave 100k laying around.
  9. Eat those fuckers. Shit out a decent salary for a year.

    edit ^ oh my plan doesn't work just read the post above mine
  10. It's not staged. Both the random guy taking it worry and the camera crew points you brought up both have been used to the detectives advantages on the show. People are far more likely to recall seeing people with cameras on them and a briefcase handcuffed to their wrist.
  11. I would park within a few blocks of a car wash. Go in one of the stalls and if it's like the stalls in the town I live in, there are doors on both sides you can shut. Then I would pull the grate up from the floor and stash the briefcase in there. Hopefully there would be a garbage can somewhere around the premises so I could take the garbage sack out and throw on the money in to keep it dry.
  12. One person driving, one person walking w/ the suitcase in a shopping bag to disguise it.

    I would then start digging a hole.
  13. Hide it in a Denny's bathroom. Nobody would check inside those god forsaken toilets.
  14. OK having watched an episode to see how it works and build a strategy... this is what i'd do.

    youre in the city and u have one hour. get in the car right away keep the case low and start driving like hell to the nearest remote/wooded location. should be able to find the perfect spot and perfect opportunity, within an hour where:
    (a) no cars coming or going behind/in front of you
    (b) no buildings within sight
    (b) large brush next to the road

    now just chuck that case out the window as hard as you can and keep driving. note some landmark to remember the exact spot. spend the whole rest of time just continuing to drive around like crazy. Keep moving as much as possible to make the route as long as possible. All right turns.

    what do the detectives have? just a crazy long gps route going all sorts of crazy places, that's constantly moving the whole hour. you talked to no one, called no one, nearly no one saw the case. there's really very little to go on.

    its a high risk plan, might not find the spot though. and you can't double back to a good spot!
  15. Bury it? I don't see how nobody has thought of that yet. Its fucking fullproof, and almost everybody owns a shovel, so your receipts wouldn't matter. I'd get a shit ton of funny stuff though to make them think I'm weird.
  16. Very easy, like BrandonBlunts said, bury it. They aren't tracking you personally.
  17. On my front porch, as I sit in a rocking chair with a shotgun. I win. :smoke:
  18. park car leave cell phone in it. walk a few miles to a bank. have them hold that shit. come back next day and open high interest account and put a few grand in your pocket. get stoned
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    Walk to a far away park while my mate drives to a different place with the car, dig a hole, stick money in there, run away...
    Also have my friend go to another far away park and en route buy a shovel and have him text some something that makes it sound like we've blatantly hidden it in a hole...

  20. Get some duct tape, and go down a manhole, strap it to the ceiling.

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