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Take the job?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IceCreamKidd, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. I was laid off a week ago. And am in need of a job. My girlfriends friend would be able to get me a job at an ideal place. Benefits etc. But.,.. There are initial drug testing and supposed frequent random testing. Should I take it. Should i wait for something that will fit me better? Should I take it and BS the tests? I just dont know. Ill go smoke a bowl and think about it. =)

  2. While I was on probation (for some crap a friend and I did that I'd rather not discuss) I got drug tested occasionally.

    I smoked on a Friday night (peer pressure's a bitch sometimes) and had a drug test Monday morning. I was so sure that I didn't have a chance but I still kept myself plenty hydrated with water and cranberry juice. To make a long story short...when I went back to see my PO a month later he didn't bring up anything about the test so I assumed I passed or else he would've said something about it.

    Don't worry about drug tests...unless you have a bad metabolism and aren't drinking 8 glasses of water a day:eek:
  3. It is up to you how important this job is!
    I had probation as well, but was lucky enough to know when I was getting tested. It was monthly at first, but then she'd tell me "OK I'll tell you what, I am not oging to test you next time. I'll test you in... X amount of months." She was cool like that, but I was lucky.

    Personally, I wouldn't take a job in which I had random drug testing - unless it's a job in which you're operating expensive equipment or able to put your own/other lives at risk, they have no business drug testing you after the initial test.
    BUT I'm not hard up for a job right now and I'd say I'd probably take it if I needed some cash quick.

    Good luck IceCreamKidd! :) I hope you get this job if you choose to go with it, it sounds like a good job for you, but I'd definitely get more details on how often they random test, and how much notice you get beforehand!!

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