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Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Those are awesome. I love the jellyfish pic
  2. Dream house is good.

    Kind of bitter that my work wasn't put in though.
  3. ye dream house was legit nice dude....

    edit: and i love the attention grabbing title very nice it brings any enthnic group right in and doesnt make them feel uncomfortable i mean i wouldnt know well i guess i would but im a i guess you could say non minority without being offensive? im white there i said it big whoop wanna fight about it? anyways nice.
  4. There is a reason for that...you have to take the initiative to enter. You can enter by private messaging me and I prefer it to be work that isn't already on the forum that is why we do the entering through private messages. I have rules posted up every time that is a new art show coming up.


    I usually post it in the artist's corner but I'm thinking of maybe putting some kind of notification in the general section as well now.

    Your pieces could be in the show every art show if you want you just got to enter.

    EDIT: I'm not sure what your on about with minorities but I am white if that is somehow relevant.
  5. A thread for another thread. Is this Inception?
  6. We have to go deeper.

  7. Start a thread promoting this thread? You should do it. LMFAO:smoke:

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