take me down to the ganja city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. Well after spending a week with a french family I am finaly back in fair old my house. Where I can use the internet to surf for more than my e-mail. I was severeley tempted to check out the city but captain paranoia was there: looking over my shoulder... I hope that not too much shit has gone on in the city... like the removal of RMJL or sensamil the resident fun girls or the constipation of any of our older members.....

    What can I say.... erm.... I spent a week as part of a french exchange in well france... my exchange was: oh let's just say:

    très belle

    and had an arse that was really NICE- oh and that hairy armpits thing is BULLSHIT! I did kinda come on to her a bit let's say but she seemed unconfortable with it... ah well (at this point mr switch would ask that all the girls on the city tell him that he's not as undesirable as he might think and that the younger ones even confess their undying devotion but he might be dissapointed once again). I got the tenacious d album entitled: TENACIOUS D and can clearly vouch for it's kickassness... apart from Explosivo which kicks arse at most times except when you are so tired that you feel really confused at everything and really paranoid and you are on a plane with minimal light in bad turbulance and you have seen final destination only a few weeks before and you can hear a distorted voice of jack black sounding just like some kind of demon telling you that he is known as the angel crusher and you are fucked up in the head- ganjaphish will know of what I speak...

    Right I kinda wanna check out some of the messages that have been left on here since i kinda went away...
  2. Glad to see you back. I've been wondering where my little pommie buddy has run off to.
  3. hahahaha Ill never go!!!!! Im here in a time warp continuum, with all these words of wisdom that keep my little mind spinning in some upward inside out direction! (and trying to get a lil ass in the meanwhile) (unsuccesfully)
    its good to here from yea swtichy!
    hope to see you at church! :p
  4. Tenacious D could kick Guns 'n Roses' ass.

    Climb upon my faithful steed, Then we gonna ride,
    gonna smoke some weed. Climb upon my big-ass steed, And ride, ride, ride. ...

    What's the name of the song?

  5. explosivo does indeed rock much arse...
  6. High Switchy Boy!!!!! You were missed....yes.....you really were!!!!

    Sensi and I couldn't be removed if every last one of the constipated OLD geezers tried to do it. I won't list those who are constipated for their own privacy but I bet ya know who they are anyway.

    Switch....I must say that you aren't as undesirable as you may think! I would say that she was uncomfy because her armpit hairs were being pulled in all the wrong ways......she's probably dreaming of what could have been this very instant as she curses the furballs in her pits!!!!!

    I'm glad you are back Switchy Boy!!!!!;)
  7. thanks RMJL... allways one to boost the old self confidence of others... which reminds me to repay the favour there.... RMJL- you're great.
  8. Snatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you buddy. You didn't miss much but my mental burn out. It's okay though, I see how it is you were to busy with some damn hairy frenchies to worry about this little girlie ;)

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