Take Macro Shots Of Your Trics Cheap And Easy

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  1. The girls are in 6th week of one looks like it was close. Even with my loop I really couldn't get a good look. So I decided to set up my own Macro Lens like this.


    Open loop

    Phone with camera app with zoom


    Hold loop over camera center you could tape it on if you want.

    Hold very close to bud. When you use the zoom it makes it a little difficult to get a steady shot. It can be done though, easily. Here is a pic showing this process. I'm holding 2 phones so I'm taking a pic of me taking a pic lol. You should get the idea this pic won't be clear but wait until you see the next one!

    Here is an actual shot

    Now you can upload these pics to your CPU or blow it up even further on your phone if it has that tech. Easy cheesy and on the cheap if you have a phone!

    Hope this helps a few of my fellow growers to determine when to harvest. Just trying to give back. Grow on!

    Happy Growing
  2. i once took a photo through a telescope, this is a great idea
  3. Do you think this could also work with those hand held microscopes?

  4. I used to do that with a similar magnifying glass.  You can actually see some of my old norther light close ups in my gallery from years ago.

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