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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bablok, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Every time a take a hit its like time sloes down,... Literraly 3 seconds later u exhale and begin to fæd,... they need to make a movie about pliants and humans, how we smoke it and its just dead dried plant cells, but the purest part , and everything we are is just dead meat and our cells multiply off our movent and food we eat, were all just electricity, our brain, our technology, plasma, FiOS is the governments reverse engineering of wiring on the aircraft found at rosswell. Everythings natural, sythetic or imaginary right?.. But bud is natural and its natural and old fuck so are fungi and cacti ancient asians smoked it and native americans. Cannabis is a natural hauluciningen/sedative and has medical uses like pain reducer, fever reducer, and blocks certain receptors in the brain from receiving messages of caring or being sad, sometimes anxiety depending on other use history of unmentionables. So in a way ur numb to certain thoughts, or ur slowed down or dumbed down a lil. Any ways is cannabis a key for people who think too much, you ever watch the beggining of mtv's Hustle and Flow, he says something like wats the difference between dogs and humans bla bla, humans have to feel and have emotion, so do people just smoke to avoid emotions ie deppression etc etc and time feels slower wen im smacked anyone else ever feel like it just dumbs u down

  2. what? where did you hear that? and yes being high is awsome.

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