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    SAVE THE DATE: September 22-24, 2003, will be days of remembrance and
    lobbying for Cheryl Miller and all those who have died before they
    could legally access their medicine. For more information, please
    visit http://www.cheryldcmemorial.org .

    TO: Marijuana policy reform advocates

    FROM: Alexis Baden-Mayer, MPP national field director

    DATE: Wednesday, August 20, 2003

    SUBJECT: Take action in Cheryl Miller's memory to pass the federal
    medical marijuana legislation for which she fought


    Too many Americans suffering from conditions for which marijuana can
    be beneficial -- or can make their suffering more bearable -- die
    without ever being able to legally access it. Sadly, Cheryl Miller
    (May 21, 1946 - June 7, 2003), who lived with multiple sclerosis for
    32 years, is now among them. While she was alive, Cheryl openly defied
    state and federal laws to claim her right to use marijuana, the only
    medicine that reduced the pain and spasticity of her degenerative

    Please write to Congress in her memory and ask your elected officials
    to pass the bill she advocated, H.R. 2233, the States' Rights to
    Medical Marijuana Act. You can fax a pre-written letter from MPP's Web
    site by visiting http://www.mpp.org/Remember_Cheryl . This link will
    take you directly to a page where you will enter your address. You
    then just need to click send when the letter appears (although you
    should feel free to edit it first).

    Cheryl Miller risked her health and freedom countless times to share
    her personal experiences with politicians and the public. This is a
    risk that few medical marijuana patients living outside the law are
    willing to take. Cheryl not only admitted that she used medical
    marijuana; she had the courage to take a public stand. After getting
    arrested for eating marijuana in a congressional office, Cheryl
    explained, "Every day, I live in fear that my husband and I will be
    arrested and imprisoned. I was arrested today so that some day, other
    patients will not have to be."

    Please take action to help realize Cheryl's goal of freeing medical
    marijuana patients from the fear of arrest by visiting
    http://www.mpp.org/Remember_Cheryl . Cheryl devoted 10 of the most
    difficult years of her life to this cause. It takes only two minutes
    to honor her memory by sending a pre-written letter to Congress.

    Please visit http://www.mpp.org/USA/donate.html or write to MPP,
    P.O. Box 77492, Washington, D.C. 20013 to donate to our lobbying work
    on Capitol Hill.
  2. Tom's River (NJ) Man To Champion Medical Access To Marijuana To Honor Late

    Jim Miller, 51, of Silverton NJ will push his late wife's wheelchair from
    Seaside Heights to Long Branch NJ, Saturday, August 30, 2003.

    Cheryl Miller died June 7, 2003 after suffering from multiple sclerosis
    for 32 years. He will be joined by family and friends. Cheryl was an
    outspoken advocate for medical marijuana for the last 12 years of her

    -Background on Cheryl Miller's Life and Struggles-

    She was arrested for consuming marijuana in a Congressman's office in
    1998, one of many Washington DC actions she was involved in. Friends and
    supporters have pledged money per mile walked for Jim's 26 mile walk. The
    money is to be used to help get medical marijuana patients to Cheryl's
    memorial service being held in Washington DC. The memorial service for
    Cheryl will take place in front of the Supreme Court beginning 6:30 PM
    Sept. 22, 2003 (Monday).

    It will be precipitated by a day-long display of a memorial table
    presentation of personal items, letters and pictures of many other medical
    marijuana patients that have also passed away. The following day
    (September 23) Jim will speak at a congressional press conference in the
    Rayburn House Office building at 11:00 then lead patients that will have
    come from around the country on a lobbying effort on the Hill.

    This weekend's memorial fundraising walk will begin at 6:30 AM at the old
    municipal parking lot located at the convergence of Rt. 37 and Rt. 35 in
    Seaside Heights. It will end at 1187 Ocean Ave. Long Branch, NJ, the home
    of US Rep. Frank Pallone. Cheryl and Jim had been in contact with Rep.
    Pallone since 1991 concerning medical marijuana.

    Pallone promised Cheryl years ago that he would confer with Rep Rob
    Andrews about a medical marijuana bill that Rep. Andrews is a cosponsor
    of, and has since refused to do so. Mr. Miller will arrive at 1187 Ocean
    Ave. approximately 6:30 PM and stand vigil all night until 10:45 AM
    Sunday, a year to the minute from the last time Rep. Pallone saw Cheryl.

    Jim Miller says, "It's time the war on medical marijuana patients comes to
    the homes of congressional representatives that support it. Mr. Pallone's
    decisions and unkept promises have affected Cheryl and me in our home for
    a long time, all the way until the day that Cheryl died. It is time for
    him to honor his promises."

    Contact Jim at 732-255-3660. On the day of the memorial walk Jim is best
    reached at 732-829-0276 (cell phone)


    -Walk Itinerary-
    Saturday, August 30, 2003

    Begin at 6:30 AM at the old municipal parking lot at the convergence of
    Rt. 37 and Rt. 35 in Seaside Heights, NJ.

    East on Sumner Ave to Boulevard, turn left (North) 0.2 miles

    North on Boulevard to Rt 35, 0.7 miles.

    North on Rt 35 passing Mantaloking Rd. 8:45 AM, crossing the bridge over
    the Manasquan River at 10:30 AM.

    Turning on to Rt 71 North at 11:00 AM

    Rt 71 north, passing through Manasquan, Sea Girt, and Spring Lake Heights
    turning right (East) on Ocean Rd. in Spring Lake Heights at PM. (by the
    7-11) 12 noon.

    Traveling about one mile feast on Ocean Rd. to where Ocean Rd. turns into
    Union Rd. then one block continued East on Union Rd. to the Ocean. (Ocean
    Ave.) 12:30 PM.

    North on Ocean Rd. through Spring Lake (1:00 PM) Belmar (2:00 PM) Avon by
    the Sea (2:30 PM) Bradley Beach (3:00 PM) Ocean Grove (3:30 PM) Asbury
    Park (3:45 PM) Deal (4:30 PM) There is boardwalk along Ocean Ave. from
    Belmar to Deal that I may be using at times that can be obscured by sand

    Deal--Traveling along the east road around Deal Lake to the West side
    where Ocean Rd. continues north.

    Three miles more on Ocean Rd. to Lincoln Rd in Elberon.

    Just past Lincoln Rd is 1187 Ocean Ave. the home of Rep. Frank Pallone. It
    is in Elberon which is a Long Branch mailing address. Arriving between
    6:30 PM and 6:30 PM.


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